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  1. What are you listening to? 2?

    "boat drinks" by jimmy buffett and the coral reefer band. 20 degrees and the hockey games on/nobody cares they're all way to far gone/screamin' boat drinks/something to keep them all warm
  2. Ducks seek revenge against Boll

    I'm watching this game now on FSN... its 0-0 in the second intermission but there have been some interesting scraps. Anahammer is pulling their typical cheap after the whistle shenanigans and Cbus is actually standing up to it. Parros is the only big gun not to go yet, and Moen and Boll settled their differences with a dance party.
  3. What are you listening to? 2?

    Dance of the Manatee - Fair to Midland
  4. Hockey songs

    i stand corrected, mr snepsts. it gets an honorary add-in.
  5. Hockey songs

    I still think the best "hockey songs" in no particular order are -Rock and Roll (pt 2) by Gary Glitter -Kiss Him (Goodbye) by Steam -The Hockey Song by Warren Zevon -Heavy by Collective Soul (I think it was used in an EA NHL game...2001?) -for some reason the BGSU ice arena always plays Ants Marching by DMB -The Launch by DJ Jean
  6. Thrashers sign Pilar

    I do I do!
  7. Z: I want to spend my career in Detroit

    I imagine having his GF around will help alleviate those chronic wrist problems
  8. Wing like Abdelkader

    believe me, i'm stoked for justabs, but i'm truly concerned with the fact that the wings "best" forward prospects are are potential checking line centers (helm, abs, etc)
  9. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

  10. Joseph Harrington is HORRIBLE

    just draft Omar Jacobs
  11. Detroit forces Liv to stay in Sweden

    Probably have a picture of Void. madonna in a cone bra