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  1. LEBDA22

  2. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

    Cant' believe i finished in the top 10!!!! Eaves17 was my new name. If it wasn't for only getting 5 right in the final week, may have got in the top 5. Congrats to all, was great year. See you all next season!!
  3. How open would you be to trading Hank?

    I think the problem with Hank is that he isnt wearing Easton Skates anymore. Anyone else notice this? He has always worn White Easton skates. Looks like he is wearing Bauers now. Look what happened to Ovi this season, he switched from using all CCM gear to Bauer and he is not the same player he used to be. Just a thought.
  4. 10/15 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Wild 2 (OT)

    Is Eaves hurt?
  5. Weekend Picks - Week 24

    Friday, April 8 PENS at NY Islanders Philadelphia at SABRES Chicago at WINGS Florida at BOLTS CANES at Atlanta Columbus at PREDS WILD at Edmonton STARS at Colorado SHARX at Phoenix KINGS at Anaheim Saturday, April 9 DEVILS at NY Rangers Ottawa at BEARS Tampa Bay at CANES NY Islanders at FLYERS X2 Montreal at LEAFS CAPS at Florida Buffalo at JACKETS Nashville at BLUES Vancouver at FLAMES CHUX at Los Angeles Phoenix at SHARX Sunday, April 10 WINGS at Chicago BEARS at New Jersey OIL at Colorado PENS at Atlanta Dallas at WILD Can't believe the season is over after this and I was able to stay in the top 10 the whole time while missing 3 weeks. Good luck to all and may the best man/woman win!
  6. Weekend Picks Weeks 23

    Friday, April 1 FLYERS at New Jersey HAWKS at Columbus FLAMES at St. Louis Colorado at YOTES X2 Saturday, April 2 Atlanta at BEARS BOLTS at Minnesota WINGS at Nashville better pull your heads out for this game Dallas at KINGS HABS at New Jersey CANES at NY Islanders LEAFS at Ottawa Buffalo at CAPS PENS at Florida Edmonton at NUX Anaheim at SHARX Sunday, April 3 RAGS at Philadelphia Minnesota at WINGS SABRES at Carolina BLUES at Columbus BOLTS at Chicago Calgary at AVS Dallas at CHUX
  7. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 22

    Friday, March 25 New Jersey at PENS Florida at SABRES CAPS at Ottawa Carolina at BOLTS NUX at Atlanta x2 Saturday, March 26 RAGS at Boston Colorado at KINGS DEVILS at Buffalo Toronto at WINGS Tampa Bay at CANES Washington at HABS FLYERS at NY Islanders Dallas at PREDS BLUES at Minnesota Anaheim at HAWKS San Jose at YOTES FLAMES at Edmonton Sunday, March 27 Florida at PENS Ottawa at THRASHERS NUX at Columbus BEARS at Philadelphia
  8. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 21

    Friday, March 18 NY Islanders at CANES CAPS at New Jersey HABS at NY Rangers Phoenix at NUX X2 Saturday, March 19 Columbus at WILD Atlanta at SABRES BOLTS at Ottawa Boston at LEAFS NY Islanders at PANTHERS FLYERS at Dallas WINGS at Nashville Colorado at OILERS Anaheim at KINGS St. Louis at SHARX Sunday, March 20 NY Rangers at PENNS Nashville at SABRES DEVILS at Columbus HABS at Minnesota HAWKS at Phoenix FLAMES at Anaheim
  9. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 20

    Friday, March 11 BEARS at NY Islanders Carolina at CAPS KINGS at Columbus Edmonton at WINGS X2 Ottawa at BOLTS DEVILS at Atlanta Minnesota at STARS CHUX at Colorado Saturday, March 12 HABS at Pittsburgh Columbus at CANES NY Islanders at DEVILS Atlanta at FLYERS Buffalo at LEAFS BOLTS at Florida WINGS at St. Louis Colorado at PREDS NUX at Calgary NY Rangers at SHARKS Sunday, March 13 Chicago at CAPS Edmonton at PENS Los Angeles at STARS Ottawa at SABRES Phoenix at DUX
  10. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 19

    Friday, March 4 Pittsburgh at DEVILS NY Rangers at SENS Carolina at HAWKS Columbus at FLAMES STARS at Anaheim Saturday, March 5 St. Louis at ISLES Buffalo at FLYERS NUX at Los Angeles X2 Pittsburgh at BEARS Montreal at BOLTS Chicago at LEAFS Florida at THRASHERS WINGS at Phoenix OIL at Colorado Dallas at SHARX Sunday, March 6 Philadelphia at RAGS DEVILS at NY Islanders CAPS at Florida SABRES at Minnesota Nashville at FLAMES NUX at Anaheim
  11. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 18

    Friday, February 25 Pittsburgh at CANES NY Rangers at CAPS YOTES at Columbus SENS at Buffalo New Jersey at BOLTS Florida at THRASHERS SHARKS at Calgary X2 St. Louis at OIL Minnesota at CHUX Saturday, February 26 Nashville at STARS Colorado at KINGS WINGS at Buffalo Carolina at HABS Washington at ISLES FLYERS at Ottawa Pittsburgh at LEAFS Boston at NUX Sunday, February 27 BOLTS at NY Rangers Columbus at PREDS DEVILS at Florida LEAFS at Atlanta Phoenix at HAWKS St. Louis at FLAMES BEARS at Edmonton Colorado at CHUX I cant believe I missed last week and am still in the top ten!! Good luck everyone.
  12. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 16

    Friday, February 11 WINGS at Boston SHARKS at New Jersey x2 PENS at NY Islanders Colorado at JACKETS RANGERS at Atlanta WILD at St. Louis HAWKS at Dallas Anaheim at FLAMES Saturday, February 12 Los Angeles at CAPS Ottawa at OILERS Toronto at HABS Carolina at BOLTS Chicago at YOTES Colorado at PREDS St. Louis at WILD Calgary at NUX Sunday, February 13 Boston at WINGS NY Islanders at SABRES JACKETS at Dallas Pittsburgh at RANGERS Los Angeles at FLYERS SHARKS at Florida CANES at Atlanta DUX at Edmonton
  13. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 15

    Friday, February 4 Florida at DEVILS Buffalo at PENS Columbus at WINGS Washington at BOLTS Edmonton at BLUES Chicago at NUX x2 Saturday, February 5 San Jose at BEARS NY Rangers at HABS DUX at Colorado Toronto at SABRES THRASHERS at Carolina Ottawa at ISLES Dallas at FLYERS Edmonton at JACKETS Minnesota at YOTES WINGS at Nashville KINGS at Calgary Sunday, February 6 PENS at Washington New Jersey at HABS St. Louis at BOLTS
  14. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 14

    Friday, January 21 NY Islanders at SABRES HABS at Ottawa BOLTS at Florida STARS at Calgary Saturday, January 22 New Jersey at FLYERS Chicago at WINGS BEARS at Colorado Anaheim at HABS Carolina at PENS CAPS at Toronto RAGS at Atlanta JACKETS at St. Louis KINGS at Phoenix Calgary at NUX X2 Minnesota at SHARKS Sunday, January 23 FLYERS at Chicago Florida at DEVILS SABRES at NY Islanders Atlanta at BOLTS PREDS at Edmonton
  15. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 13

    Friday, January 14 NUX at Washington WINGS at Columbus Calgary at SENS New Jersey at BOLTS Philadelphia at THRASHERS Colorado at WILD Saturday, January 15 Pittsburgh at BEARS Columbus at WINGS Tampa Bay at CANES NY Rangers at HABS SABRES at NY Islanders Calgary at LEAFS New Jersey at PANTHERS Atlanta at STARS X2 Anaheim at YOTES Chicago at PREDS Edmonton at KINGS BLUES at San Jose Sunday, January 16 Ottawa at CAPS NUX at Minnesota Nashville at HAWKS FLYERS at NY Rangers Edmonton at DUX