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  1. I hope this is true. We need more teams in Canada.
  2. Wow, how sad. Only 28 too, what a tragedy for his family.
  3. The more I think about the jersey the more I think it cold be so much worse. It could have been a bright orange jersey with ugly strips. Though I wouldn't mind seeing their normal jersey with the D on it.
  4. I like the logo, but the jersey...yikes edit: link
  5. AWESOME!!! I want a big screen in the arena.
  6. I think he will stay another year or two. Hes still playing good, so I don't see him hanging them up yet. I could see him signing one year deals every year until he retires, it would be the safe thing to do because of his ago.
  7. Why Kansas City? There is no hockey there. If the team is going to be in the US go to a city like, Seattle, Milwaukee,or Portland.
  8. thanks. that Hit was brutal, yikes
  9. does anyone have a video clip of the hit?
  10. I think there should be another expansion, but lets wait 15 years. At the most 2 teams should be added at once to keep competitive.
  11. I've been collecting cards for a few years now. My favorite cards have to be my osgood card with a piece of his 1998 goalie pad, my signed franzen rookie card, and my Z and dats double jersey card.
  12. if its true...PLEASE BE A TWO WAY CONTRACT!!
  13. Hey don't forget we got one of our stars back from the KHL this year......hudler
  14. don't get me excited...until you have prof
  15. i don't know that to say, this is so sad. He was still young.