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Husker BigGuy

Only One Team Has Played for the Stanley Cup

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... Sid is a very talented player BUT his ego out does him ... he was handed the Captaincy too soon and didn't really earn it. He hasn't grown up yet and IMO he has no clue on how to lead in the vain of Yzerman or Lids ... or is it that us Wings fans just spoiled by Stevie and Lids?

I totally agree with you that he was given the C waaaay too soon. True he may have skill, but he lacks the experience to be a good leader. He hasn't spent the time under a good captain to know what to do and how to address your team mates to settle them down or rally them or put them in the correct frame of mind. I feel sorry for the guys on his team that have been around for a while and see this hot shot kid come in and try to be a leader.

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