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Lots of stuff

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If interested in any of the items I have listed make an offer and I could sell them separate from the group listed.

I'd like to move this stuff and have someone who'll put it on display enjoy it. it's been in boxes for way too long. So make an offer.

$250 - 97 stanley cup Yzerman Nike players jersey http://i334.photobuc...ey/DSC_0016.jpg

all the following for $250

4 stanley cup hats, worn some, 3 like new. 97, 98, 2002, 2008. the 97 has some wear

5 miniature banners, howe, lindsay, sawchuk, delvecchio, abel,

4 miniature banner stanley cup champs 96-97, 97-96, 97, western conference 95

1 big banner like used in bar with schedule of 96-97

1 bud lynch bobble head

5 pennants - 2 of 97 cup champs, 98 cup champs, 97 western cup champs signed by draper

1 framed - Yzerman Det Freep cover with Yzerman holding cup

1 framed - various tickets from 96-97 game 40 included along with news paper glossy photos of Yzerman and Federov

1 2002 stanly cup pin

1 75th anniversary hat, a little dirty from being worn


some pucks which I'd have to find in a trunk, if interested I'll dig them out. stanley cup pucks, western confernce pucks, mile stone goals pucks, yzerman, some other collectible little caesar pucks. most in plastic cases

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