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Your pick for the Stanley Cup

11 April 2007 - 07:14 PM

Hey guys, new member here. I've never lived in Detroit but I've been a Wings fan since I started watching hockey 14 years ago. It's obviously a little biased asking this Q in a red wings forum, but I really do believe this team has what it takes to go all the way this year (despite the 'tightness' of the Western conference)...plus I wanted to get my predictions for the playoffs in somewhere, and that predictions thread is only asking for round 1 matchups. tongue.gif

Without further babble, I see it happening as follows:

Western Conference:

Detroit over Calgary 4-2
Anaheim over Minnesota 4-3
Vancouver over Dallas 4-3
San Jose over Nashville 4-1

Detroit over San Jose 4-3
Anaheim over Vancouver 4-3

WCF: Detoit over Anaheim 4-2

Eastern Conference:

Buffalo over New York Islanders 4-0
New Jersey over Tampa Bay 4-2
New York Rangers over Atlanta 4-3
Ottawa over Pittsburgh 4-3

Buffalo over New York Rangers 4-2
New Jersey over Ottawa 4-3

ECF: New Jersey over Buffalo 4-3

SCF: Detroit over New Jersey 4-2 for the Stanley Cup

One injury may, of course, change everything...also, Jersey vs Buffalo is wishful thinking, if you know what I mean. biggrin.gif

Thoughts/Reasoning: the Wings have the best team out there, imo, if they are at full strength and can easily go all the way. I admit though that they have massive injury problems with Bertuzzi and Zetterberg out/playing injured, and so I give Calgary a 45% chance to bounce them in the first round.

I'm basing my predictions on the fact that we'll see a healthy Wings team from round 2 onwards, and at that point they have the best chance of going all the way out of any team, though nowadays pretty much any team can win the Cup.