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Hossa just continues to amaze me...

19 December 2008 - 08:49 PM

Well, I looked and searched high and low through the forums and didn't see this mentioned anywhere so I figured I would post it.
To me this just shows what a true sportsman he is to the game of hockey and such a perfect fit in the Wings organization! As we all saw last night the Wings took advantage of a tired Sharks club and played a full 60 minutes for probably the first time all season. Towards the end of an amazing game Hossa was tapped on the shoulder and was told he would be the first star of the game. Pretty fitting considering he had an amazing game defensively with a beautiful goal (all thanks to Dats) and an assist to boot. What happened next is what makes me proud to have this guy on our squad.
Knowing that Dats showed how great of a player he can be with a 4 point night and how solid Conks was in net, he said he didn't deserve the first star, saying other players deserved it far more.

The story can be found HERE!

Talk about a nice slice of humble pie, I just can't imagine many other superstars from around the league doing this sort of thing.
As I said, this guy continues to amaze me and after Z gets signed this guy should be priority number ONE (well 2nd to Z) to keep in the Wings uniform. The guy took less money to come here in Detroit and win a Cup, why wouldn't he do it again? Plus, even if the Wings don't win the Cup this year, who has the best chances to win the Cup in the next 4-5 years? Ummm, probably the Wings!
I'm just now starting to come down from the high of last nights game and pray this is a turning point for the Wings...
With that said, this picture perfectly fits the Wings win last night:

Vote for Lids as best Captain!

15 November 2008 - 10:48 PM

I know this is pretty stupid but head on over to Sean Leahy's blog and vote for Lid's as the NHL's best captain.

Here's the link...

I know, it's a stupid blog, but him and Sakic completely blew everyone else out in the other rounds and thus far he's losing with only 19% of the vote. There's only been 116 votes and he's only down 70 votes. Get on over there real quick (obviously no registering or crap) and take 2 extra seconds out of your day and make sure Lids doesn't lose to Sakic.

By the way, I have nothing but respect for Sakic. Even through the rivalry he was the only one I never minded (cause he kept his mouth shut!).. However, of course our boy Lids is the better captain! cool.gif

All-Star Voting shenanigans by Habs fans.

15 November 2008 - 03:59 AM


Seems Habs fans have been cheating a little and are boosting all the Habs All-Star Voting numbers. Currently every single Habs player, with the exception of Hamrlik (he's still playing in the NHL?) is above or around 200,000 votes. The closest ANY player comes to that is Lids with just over 100,000 and Luongo with just over 110,000. Hmmm, something seems a bit specious!!! Funny thing is, this is the comment from NHL spokesman Gary Meaghar about the situation:
"I don't want to jump to conclusions at this point. There is some indication that something has happened ... I'm not at a point where I can say definitively that something has taken place,"

Then you have Puck Daddy (Greg Wyshynski) who quickly and easily came up with the problem (or reasoning for the problem) with the script the Habs fans have been using to auto-vote which can be seen by clicking the link below...

So, what do you all think should happen now?
Personally, I would love to see them exclude all the Habs players and if anyone wants to complain, tell them to take it up with their class-act fans. Seriously, the Habs fans are about as worthless as all the jack-*sses who riot after their basketball team wins/loses (never understood why people riot after a win OR a lose?). Regardless, I just don't see this happening.
What do you guys think they should do? Maybe keep all the current players votes as is and restart the Habs players back to zero?
let me know what you all think!

First Line Chemistry...

26 October 2008 - 04:05 AM

Well, as some of you might have noticed from my posts on this board, I have and always have had a huge man-crush on Hossa. After watching tonights game you certainly can see the chemitry starting to shine between Dats and Hossa. Especially over the past couple games! Now not to take anything away from Hossa, but Dats is certainly showing what a world class playmaker he is yet still you can see there is something special between the line mates.

What especially got me thinking of this was a couple things...
First is the fact that only a couple games into the season, many people were saying Babcock should put Z back with Dats and Hossa on the second line. I can only assume all those people are singing a different tune now. The other thing is that while I'm loving the chemistry between Hossa and Dats, (I feel) you can really tell that Z is missing the playmaking abilities of Dats. Not that he's playing horrible by any means, I just think Dats was a perfect setup man for him.

So all this got me thinking... Do you all miss having Z with Dats or do you like the setup now???

Me, personally, I like it the way it is. While I would love to see Babcock throw Hossa, Z & Dats out there for a few shifts a game (reminiscent of the Russian 5 maybe?) I think that Zetterberg is more of an all around player than Hossa and Hossa more or less needs that setup man to feed him pucks in the slot. Hossa is an amazing natural goal scorer, scoring goals similar to how Hull used to and of course Hull needed someone feeding him the puck.

Anyways, I just thought it was an interesting topic, so...
You like the old Z & Dats together or do ya like the new chemistry between Hossa & Dats?

iPhone owner here!

19 October 2008 - 10:06 PM

So, let me quickly just start off and say that if this is in the wrong place then PLEASE feel free to move it to another area of LGW. I just figured that obviously the General Discussion gets the most traffic and would have a better chance of getting an answer. So here's what I want... Being an iPhone owner and a bit of a baseball fan (it's a far far distant 2nd to hockey) I was fortunate enough to have the MLB release an application for my iPhone called "MLB.com @ Bat". Basically it was an application for my iPhone and when it opened it would show every team playing that day (and you could go ahead or back days). So for instance if the Tigers are playing the Cubs it would show the score, inning and a few other things. So if I wanted to see more of the game I could click on the area that showed the teams. From there it would give me a summary of the game, box score, who's playing the field in what position and also give a live pitch-by-pitch display sort of like they do on their website.
Now here's the cool thing... there's a section called "videos" on when you click on it, it shows ALL the highlights throughout the game!

So for instance the other night I couldn't watch the Wings/Rangers game. If I wanted I could've picked up my phone and watched highlights from the game (MLB updated the application with the highlight videos within minutes of them happening) and especially could've seen Hossa's first goal as a Red Wing.

Soooo, now that I've dragged this on long enough I am asking for one simple favor from anyone who can help a fellow Wings fan out...
How or who do I get in touch with from the NHL or Red Wings that could possibly develop an application for the iPhone? (or phones in general, it just happens there there is hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made through Apple's App Store) I would assume that I would have to email someone but I cannot find where to email someone on either the Wings site or NHL.com
I would have to assume that the NHL has some sort of software developers at their disposal if ever needed so, if someone could help me out and point me in the right direction of who to email to get something going to help my constant hockey addiction, that would be great.

Again, if this belongs in another section feel free to move it (and please tell me where it gets moved to) and if so I apologize for not posting in the correct forum. Hopefully there's some iPhone owners on this board so if/when I email the NHL or Red Wings I can refer them to this exact thread and show them that there's a demand for this sort of thing (along with a great deal of money).

Thanks again for any and all of your help everyone!

-Dave B.