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In Topic: NHL 07 (PS2): Detroit Red Wings Dynasty

12 July 2007 - 07:26 PM

I won't have any lip from you, or you're benched veryangry.gif

In Topic: Best shootout goal ever!

12 July 2007 - 03:25 PM

I love the, "yahoo" the commentator makes at 0:08 laugh.gif

In Topic: NHL 07 (PS2): Detroit Red Wings Dynasty

12 July 2007 - 03:19 PM

QUOTE(Kp-Wings @ July 8, 2007 - 03:00AM) View Post

I like the addition of Morrow on your team! That's one of the true power-forwards still left in the game today. Their a dying breed unfourtantly.

May I make a suggestion though? As someone who's never been a big Kopecky fan, you might want to explore your options for a 4th line center. Here's who I'm thinking of: Nick Tarnasky of Tampa Bay. Not a great goal scorer, but is far grittier then Kopecky, isn't afraid to drop the gloves, and is a pretty good face off man too. Just a thought.

That's interesting, but I might hold off for awhile. Kopecky has been doing quite fine, considering his ice time. We'll see how he holds out smile.gif

In Topic: NHL 07 (PS2): Detroit Red Wings Dynasty

12 July 2007 - 10:02 AM

Thanks for the comments guys. I've been quite busy lately, so that is why I haven't been able to update the Dynasty. But here I am now, ready to give you the scoop on the Wings' next game.

Detroit Red Wings (13-1-0) V.S. Nashville Predators (6-5-4):

First Period: Things got off to a heated start, early on in the game. Hudler was slammed into the boards by Arnott, who was then checked himself by Schneider. Tootoo skated by, and tripped the Defenseman, so the Wings went to the Powerplay. Datsyuk drew the puck back to Lidstrom, but the Captain of the Wings shot the puck at the crossbar, and it hurled out of play. The Predators were able to kill off the Penalty, and then received a Powerplay of their own. Lundqvist made two easy trapper saves, and then pokechecked the puck away from Timonen, who was on a breakaway. With only a few minutes remaining in the period, and the Wings having just killed off a third penalty, Franzen received a long pass from Zetterberg, and brought the puck in against Legace. Franzen deked around the Nashville goalie, but Legace reached back and stopped the puck with his Trapper. Legace then smothered the puck, and the period ended.

Second Period: Nashville had two penalties of their own to kill in the second period, but the likes of Datsyuk, Kozlov, and Holmstrom were kept off of the scoreboard by Legace. Michalek was rammed into the boards by Walker, who then dumped the puck down the ice. Lundvqist came out too far with the puck, and he was called with a penalty. Arnott drew the puck back to Timonen, who fired a Wristshot at the Net. Lundqvist stopped the puck with his helmet, but was knocked down. Tootoo picked up the puck, and shot it, but Lilja blocked the shot. Lundqvist got back up on his feet, and slid over to stop a shot from Timonen. However, the puck trickled out of his trapper, and into the Net. 3:57 after that goal, Datsyuk picked up the puck, after Legwand lost the puck, as a result of a bone-crushing check from Chelios. Datsyuk deked around Erat, and danced around Timonen. He was in all alone against Legace. Faking a shot to his forehad, Datsyuk slapped the puck at the Net. He picked up the rebound, and slid the puck by the left pad of Legace. However, just as the puck was about to cross the Goal Line, the period ended, the score 1-0 Predators.

Third Period: With around 7 minutes remaining in the game, Lebda tipped the puck by Legwand, gained possession of it again, and passed the puck to Filpulla. Filpulla skated down the ice, and danced around Arnott, who tried to check him. Michalek received a one-timer pass from Filpulla, and shot the puck. The puck banked off of Legace's shoulder, off of the crossbar, and into the Net. 1-1. With just a few seconds remaining, Cleary tried to dump the puck. Timonen managed to keep the puck in the Red Wings End, and fired it at the Net. it hit the crossbar, and bounced to the ground. Legwand had an empty Net, but missed the target, and the Period ended. 1-1.

Overtime: Only 7 seconds into the Overtime Period, Morrow brought the puck over the line, tapped the puck around Timonen and hopped around the defender to rejoin with the puck, and fired a quick shot at the Net. It flew over Legace's left shoulder, and the Game was won.

Detroit Red Wings (14-1-0) Defeated the Nashville Predators (6-5-5) 2-1, In Overtime.

Coming up: The Wings head out West, where they'll face three Canadian Teams. Will Detroit prevail? Find out soon!

In Topic: Who will be the new LGW whipping boy?

09 July 2007 - 02:40 PM

I, too, said Sammy. He was a junior whippin' boy when Bob was on the team, so I feel that it's time that he graduated to full-time-whipping-boy.