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In Topic: When Eaves comes back...

01 February 2012 - 01:10 AM

Buppy is correct. No roster limit after the trade deadline.

Yeah, my bad on that, just looked it up again and you're right. This is good news then. Assuming everyone is healthy there should be a lot of competition for the bottom 6 come playoff time.



I personally would like to see Mursak get some more ice. I really like his speed. I'm not too high on Miller but I can't deny that he is doing a great job this year and would be difficult to take out.

In Topic: When Eaves comes back...

31 January 2012 - 03:47 PM

We currently have an open spot, and the roster limit goes away at the trade deadline. No one needs to be waived.

We do have a spot open with Eaves on the LTIR but the roster limit does not go away until the last regular season game. The cap also goes away at this time as well. No 23 man roster limit or salary cap for the playoffs.