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In Topic: Trade Smith ASAP!

28 May 2013 - 08:22 AM

kenny is Not a great GM. he has made this team a soft european team. wait til next year when they play in the east with teams like boston and philly.


it's time 2 gets some size on this team. like chicago, they have skilled players like kane, toews, sharp and hossa. but they have bickel and shaw.


we have floaters like frazen, a guy with nice size, but is as soft as they come.



In Topic: Holland Content with Current Roster

13 July 2012 - 10:22 AM

i agree with shanahan man. i don't know how some of you people are drinking the kool aid that holland is serving up, but my god if you can't see that this team is much weaker than last years team that got spanked by the preds and called out by their own coach, then you must have been watching something else. holland has been selling this same old crap for 4 early playoff exits. in my opinon he needs to go, and i have been saying this for years. i live and die with the wings, i was living and dying with them back in the years of the dead wings and the rebirth in 86-87. those were great times. now we have some lazy, overpaid players that holland signed and refuses to get rid of, like frazen. i would have taken hossa anyday over this lazy disappearing act. just my 2 cents