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Versus camera work

18 November 2008 - 02:03 PM

I turned on the Bruins v. Laughs game in the 3rd period and found the hockey difficult to watch becuase of the crazy camera work during the game.

I would say about 40% of the time the puck wansn't even in the field of view.

Other times when the Bruins would be skating the puck down the left wing side they would be so closely zoomed in you could only see literally 1/3 of the ice. The player would make a centering pass and you couldn't tell if or how many players were there in support of the play.

In general they are constantly zooming in and out and of course in the middle of something they'll change to a close-up shot and ruin the flow so you can't tell what's going on out there.

The camera was also unsteady like the cameraman had too much coffee as well.

why can't they just back off and show the flow of the game and how the play develops? Is it always like this on Versus? I was amazed at the poor production of the game. Also I notice that the volume all of sudden gets quiter and then louder and I'm constantly messing with my remote. It was like that last year as well.

Anybody else notice this? Do you also find it annoying?