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Is it time to make some major moves for this year's playoff run?

23 February 2009 - 12:34 PM

Is it time to make some major moves for this year's playoff run?

The goaltending deficit in Detroit

05 February 2009 - 02:57 PM

I was wathching the Holland interview on Tsn's trade watch segment 2009 last night. Briefly the moderator alluded how Holland has always managed to bring in that last piece of the puzzle come playoff time. Holland's view was good defence is what championship teams are all about, in hockey or any sport for that matter he stated. He used the Brad Stuart example for last year's cup run, and the Jaime Mcoun aquisition at the deadline years back that also helped the Wings secure the Cup. He stated that playoff hockey is all about being able to win those key low scoring games. Well Mr. Holland if that's the case you better secure your self a starting goaltender that can stop an average of 25 shots a game(that's what net minders get in Detroit; because what you have right now is goaltending that allows on average 3 to 4 and sometimes atrociously more goals per game despite low shot totals. Prime example, Osgood's performance last night against the Coyotes - mediocre goaltending which has been Detrot's achilles heel all year. So Mr Holland make no mistake about it to keep the Cup it will be all centered on you getting us a goaltender who can assure us more often than not that in 20 something shot games he can shut the door and give our D the breathing room they need to go all the way.