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#1894864 IIHF vs. NHL.

Posted by StevieY'sguy on 16 February 2010 - 11:06 AM

QUOTE (eva unit zero @ February 16, 2010 - 10:10AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
And yet another thread goes by with things people don't like being blamed as "Bettman's opinions" rather than Bettman representing the will of the NHL's BoG, which is what the real deal is.

So many ignorant asses. How come none of you realize that Bettman is little more than a figurehead, who occasionally serves as a mediator between the Board members and his main job is to represent the interests of the League. Commissioner is not the same as President; league President, which came before Bettman, had the power you think Bettman has. The Commissioner's position does not have nearly that kind of power because the Board felt that the President was too powerful.

Bettman's primary duties are to serve as a negotiator for the league, representing league positions. He cannot actually agree or disagree to a deal with the NHLPA or another organization; he can merely negotiate concessions for a deal and make recommendations to the BoG regarding a proposal. Part of the reason he was able to push back with such force against the NHLPA in 2004 is that the BoG voted to give Bettman the power to veto any deal the players proposed with the backing of just eight owners, or 26.7%. Ultimately this gave Bettman the ability to push forward the owners' agenda with strength, but only due to BoG solidarity.

Look for negotiations involving the NHL, KHL, and IIHF between now and 2014 because that is likely what it will take for the NHL to show up in Sochi. If it doesn't happen, the NHL is not there in 2014, and then comes back in 2018.

It's about time somebody brought up this point, so thank you for the post.....some of these knuckleheads act like Bettman gets to run the NHL like he owns it....it's either ignorance of the way things really are or just general stupidity....It's just like all those folks who say last year's Cup Finals were moved up 4 or 5 days by Bettman to "help out" Pittsburgh..wake up and read a newspaper people, that was NBC's decision because they didn't want the Finals to interfere with "sweeps week" because the NHL isn't a ratings darling and that's the whole point of sweeps week.