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PTI gives hockey/Red Wings no love

28 April 2009 - 08:08 AM

So I come home from work every day and watch Pardon the Interruption, and thought that since we are now in Round 2 of the playoffs, we could start hearing more stories about the playoffs and stories about our team, the Wings. Nope, not a single mentioning of hockey on Monday's showing. I thought I would hear at least a Crosby or Ovechkin reference as all media loves to blow them any chance they get. I thought it was a pretty big story that the President's trophy team had a chance of losing in the first round last night, I guess those ESPN guys have other things to discuss. Of course, with Baseball starting and the NFL draft, Oh and even Ping Pong! They talk about a neverending series between the Yankees and the Red Sox, and also talk about table tennis, but no, no love for hockey. I know im just preaching to the choir here as all of us hockey people dont need media coverage to know our sport is the best, but come on, this is the Stanley Cup, the greatest trophy of them all. I just wish the Wings, as being the most dominant team in all sports the last 20 years could get a little more media coverage, and leave the sorrow for the city of detroit to local newspapers and such. Seriously, do i need to hear about Detroit's economy again, and how lucky i am to HAVE a job? No, I wanna hear about my Wings!