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Officiating thread

02 June 2009 - 09:54 PM

Well Congrats Bettcrap you get your LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG series. I guess the only way that Cindy can win is for the officials to be so one sided its ridiculous.
That last penatly that was a goal was so NOT a penalty and how about that 6 skaters for like 30 sec the linesmen was right ther between the benches how did he not see it? How many interfernece where not called against Pitts or how many crosschecks to the back or how many high sticks.

The boys played a good game and played hard...but its kinda hard to win when bettcrap has already deicded on the outcome of the game before it even started. It all goes back to Malkins non suspension since the league said they can't "afford" to be without a guy like Malkin in the playoffs...who cares who the guy is the rules cleary state that he should have been suspended. You can beat on if it was Krony or Lebda they would be suspended no questions asked.

Well Bettcrap contrats...you really f'd this one up. Way to show the world how cry babies always win over the hard workers and the true champions.

Are you Superstitious

29 May 2009 - 10:26 PM

So just seeing who else is superstitious out there.

I've seriously been wearing the same t-shirt during every playoff game since 1998. I do wash it in between.

Here are some pics...as you can see it is showing 11 yrs of use. And I'll be wearing it tomorrow night.