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In Topic: South Florida Red Wing Fans

07 May 2011 - 11:05 AM

I've been living down here for almost 18 years and I have yet to find the place where 'my people' watch their games! I'm a ways north of you, but if you ever find a place that Detroit fans go, let me know!

On one of the other Red Wing Boards a couple of years ago I saw a thread saying a lot of supporters show up in DRW wear at Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise when the Wings come down to beat up on the Panthers. I guess I need to get to a game next season and check that out.

There is also said to be a lot of ex-Michiganian's in the Naples area, but they may be Bolts fans. The closet thing I have near me is a sports bar In Hallandale Beach near the Gulfstream Park complex that is a watering hole of University of Michigan fans (RIP Mad Dog) Not a lot of joy there lately, but with RichRod gone that will hopefully brighten up. Thanks Ex, keep me posted.