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How much is too much?

03 July 2013 - 07:32 AM

With money flying around at all the free agents, the question needs to be asked. How much is too much.

The terms for money and years seems to all be trending in same direction.

Every year we are hopeful to get one or two guys that go to free agency. However, what they get paid is always surprising everyone.

My best guess is as follows and please feel free to post yours as well since mine may be off.

Fourth line forward - 1.5 million +
Third line forward - 3.5 +
Second line forward - 5 +
First line forward - 6.5 +

I only tried forwards.

If that is accurate to you, how do we grade these players?

Me personally I don't believe any player even your best should go past 10% of your cap in order to stay competitive unless you have other players getting paid below their estimated value.