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In Topic: Post-TDT: Red Wings stand pat, no additions

27 February 2012 - 06:11 PM

So is LIds gonna play forever? No... Stuart already sais he is having home-sick issues. So that being said, if they don't win it now, it won't happen for a long time from now because Holland is not gonna pay Parise or Suter so they will get worse anyhow. Besides the longer Holland keeps re-signing the same old guys, they will get worse in that regard...Thanks for wearing the Rose Colored Glasses.

Who dealt at the deadline would've made the Wings significantly better and able to "win it now" as you say? Jeff Carter was the ONLY top six forward dealt leading up to the trade deadline. Yeah, it might of been nice if the Wings could've added some more forward depth, but there the Wings would've had to overpay for marginal players. Did you really want to see the Wings trade an elite prospect so the Wings would've beat Nashville to have Paul Gausted playing in the bottom six for a few months? The Wings improved their defense with Quincey and other teams made depth improvements too, but not a single contender made deal thats could make them significantly better, that would counteract running into a hot team, a lucky team, or a team that is just plain playing better.