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In Topic: The Streak is Over...GOOD!

09 February 2007 - 11:10 AM

QUOTE(interminded @ February 9, 2007 - 02:48AM) View Post

Record for consecutive games without being shutout.
Last time the Wings were shutout was Jan 7 2004 against Boston (3-0), 175 games.

Current recordholders are the Flames: not being shutout from Nov. 12, 1981 to Jan. 9, 1985.
That's 264 games.

Actually, the Wings were shut out against the Flames in the playoffs May 3, 2004. They were shut out 3 times in the playoffs that year (Nashville Apr 13th & Calgary May 1st & 3rd).

It was such a stupid stat that did not mean anything. They (the local broadcast team) mentioned it every time the wings scored their first goal of a game. The Wings were still more than a full season away from breaking the streak, so they shouldn't have even brought it up until next year when they were starting to get close.