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In Topic: WCSF GAME 2 GDT: Ducks 4 at Red Wings 3 (3OT)

03 May 2009 - 02:08 PM

There is more obstruction out there today than in any game I've seen in a while. Hopefully they'll start calling it soon.

After 1, the Ducks have thrown their best at us, and the score is tied. I'm feeling ok with this right now.

In Topic: Future HOF'ers of the new NHL?

25 February 2009 - 12:00 AM

Mike Richards was the first guy that popped into my mind. (Aside from Crosby, AO, Malkin) That's kind of tough to say, because it is too soon for some of these guys.

I could mention someone like Phil Kessel if he keeps improving, but he's just starting to break through this year. Way too soon.
Same goes for Setoguchi and Bobby Ryan.

How about Paul Stastny?

In Topic: Getting sick of "Ovie's" goal celebration's

23 February 2009 - 05:16 PM

QUOTE (MacK_Attack @ February 23, 2009 - 04:46PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
The only problem I have is the obvious double-standard that exists between him and Crosby.

If Crosby jumped around after a goal like that, he'd be blasted for being a hot dog before he even got back to the bench.

I don't particularly agree with that. Most people blast Crosby for the whiner/cheap-shot artist/smug characteristics. If he scores a big goal, he can celebrate, and I have seen him celebrate before. Have some fun.

I love it when AO rockets into the boards, it makes the arena go crazy and I think it gets his teammates even more into it. It's kind of like someone in football scoring a big touchdown and jumping on some of his teammates that are coming to congratulate him. I don't think I've ever seen AO exclude his teammates from his celebration, or taunt the other team. He makes it look like he's just having fun, which is contagious.

In Topic: Claude Lemieux just turtled AGAIN

18 February 2009 - 08:05 PM

QUOTE (micah @ February 18, 2009 - 01:57PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I came back to post this. Chris chelios was every bit as dirty as Claude Lemieux was, maybe more so.

The Steve Yzerman garbage - Chelios was into cheapshotting our best player and then cowing like a ***** when our heavies came near him - at least Claude Lemieux fought Mac when he was challenged straight-up, When Probert went after Chelios Cheli grabbed Probie's sleeves and shat himself. Remember how famous Chelios was for stickwork, slashing at the ankles of men like Tim Hunter - men he didn't have the sack to man-up and fight? Remember how just last year Chelios admitted to BITING Thomas Sandstrum in a scrap? Remeber him being suspended for his third-man-in act?

If you hate cheapshot artists, you hate Chelios and Lemieux.

If you hate cowards, you hate Chelios, Maltby and occasionally Lemieux.

If you hate anyone who makes our team look like a bunch of nancies by taking on our resident heavyweight and fighting him to a draw, proving to all the world that he wasn't a coward or a weakling, then you might just hate Claude Lemieux.

I calls them as I see them. I do love the Red wings. I do dislike Claude Lemieux - but I dislike him for rational rather than emotional reasons. I didlike him because he was cheap and didn't fight as much as he should have. I dislike chelios because he was cheap and even less willing to fight tough guys than Lemieux was. I agknowledge that both were great players in this league. I do not like Chelios or Maltby or Lemieux - but if I were forced to answer "who was the toughest and ballsiest out of those three jerkwads?", I would have to answer Lemieux.

Mac didn't challenge Claude straight up, Claude was trying to save face after his embarassment and went after Mac right at the drop of the puck. Claude was emotionally charged and had probably one of the better fights of his career. He had the incentive of trying to save his manhood, and he fought to a draw.

As far as fighting our resident heavyweight, I don't know if Mac was ever a heavyweight. He was more of a middleweight. Kocur was a heavy. Probie was a heavy. I don't think Mac was. He'd bump up a weight class to stick up for his teammates, but at the time of feud with Claude, he wasn't a heavy. Heavies back then were Kocur, Twist, Grimson, Laraque, Oliwa, Ray and those guys. Guys who were only really there to fight, and just their presence deterred fights from happening because no one wanted to tangle with them. Mac was a guy who could play a regular shift and stick up for his teammates when the time came. He wasn't a heavy.

I don't think that Claude has ever made us look like nancies. I also don't think that at his age he's in the physical shape to really school anyone in a fight. The only shots in his recent "fight" that he came close to landing were when the refs stepped in. I don't think he's a threat.

In Topic: Filppula has the most Even Strength points after Z, D, Hossa

17 February 2009 - 07:22 PM

Recently, I've been reading on here that we should trade Flip if it means we can keep Franzen and Hossa. I don't know if this thread is an attempt at a justification of us keeping Val around, but the whole argument of Val being our 4th best forward is moot.

This is a salary-capped NHL. 3 million a year for a 3rd line center is too much when you have Datsyuk and Zetterberg wrapped up long term. If you have a top talent in Hossa on the table, a defensively responsible, finishing power forward in Franzen sitting there, a sniper who is good in traffic like Hudler as a UFA, it's illogical to spend that much on a third line center. Especially when it seems Helm, Leino and Abdelkader can step in and give solid 3rd line minutes. Flip is tradable, and you know what? The Wings won't be kicking themselves for pulling the trigger on that deal. We can live without him.

Now for the argument that Flip is our 4th best forward, I have to disagree. I've watched 80% to 90% of our games so far on the season, and you don't notice Flip every night. That's fine, no one can bring it every night, it's a long season. But you don't notice him in the play a whole heckuva lot. I notice Cleary more than Flip out there. I notice Hudler more out there. I notice Helm more out there. Hell, I notice Sammy more out there! (and not for the bad plays!) Flip just doesn't carry the play. It doesn't mean he's a bad player by any means, but he's not very dangerous. He doesn't take the puck away from the other team a lot, he doesn't lug the puck a ton, he doesn't shoot very well, he's not physical, he doesn't play as well in traffic as most of our other players. He's not our 4th best forward. Franzen is better, Cleary is more all-around, Hudler is much better offensively... It's just a stretch to say he's our 4th best forward.