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In Topic: The Hottest Red Wing

22 March 2003 - 09:14 PM

SFedorovFan, shanny14, Hot4Lids, and ChelisChick, here is the answer to your questions. The biggest difference between the aforementioned threads and this one is that the other threads are relatively clean. If I must elaborate the definition of clean, let me put it this way: there were no distasteful comments in those threads about how good so and so would be in bed, how big specific body parts are, etc. That is where we, as moderators, rightfully draw the line.

This thread will not be deleted and I have no intention of closing it unless things get entirely out of hand. I can also guarantee that Mattias will not be banning you folks; as his banning policy is not based on an indifference of opinions. The only possibility I see of anyone getting banned is if they start ten spam threads on this subject, which is something I don’t see any of you doing.

If you’d like, you can all carry on with your conversations in this thread, but please make an attempt to keep things clean.