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#1915695 Samuelsson highest scoring swede as of today

Posted by eva unit zero on 14 March 2010 - 12:52 PM

He has barely played with the Sedins all year, they just put him on that line tonight to try and get the Sedins going as they have been slumping, turns out Sammy has a hat trick :yowza: Burrows has been playing with the Sedins for the majority of the season. Love him or hate him Sammy could always score, he was a 20 + goal scorer on the Wings playing 3rd line minutes and 2nd pp unit !

Sammy is a good player, and I have always liked him for his two-way and all-around play, but...

In Detroit the past couple seasons he was rarely on a line that did not include one of Zetterberg, Filppula, or Hudler. Underrated shot, definitely, but the guy is overacheiving this season.