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NHL Hockey Pool

07 September 2005 - 10:27 PM

Ok so I do an NHL Hockey Pool with my friends and all for money for good times sake. Anyways since I have sooo much time on my hands these days I am willing to do a free one for anyone who wishes to join, I will offer this to members of other boards as well too. I may start a website for it shortly within the next week, we'll see how it goes for interest though. It's a very simple pool, it was done on Word and you just pick a player from each category which ranges from Centers to Rookies. There is a scoring system for the players you choose which I will inform you on later. To fill it out just click on the link I give you below. (For those who are not familiar with Rapidshare: When the window opens click on free, it will take about 25 secs then there should be a file name to download)


To fill it out either send me an email with your picks and all the info or fill the form out on Word using an X or w/e to fill the boxes and save it and send it in an attached email to me.

Email Me At: mr_wiggles_892@hotmail.com

You can also ask any questions through instant messages or my email, don't add me to msn though please I have enough people on my list I don't need it to be full.

Heres the scoring system I have planned:

Scoring System:

Goal: 5
Assist: 3
PPG: Extra 3 pts (8)
PPA: Extra 2 pts (5)
SHG: 20
SHA: 12
GWG: Extra 5 pts (10)
+/-: Corresponds to +/- stats, +3 coutns as 3 pts, -2 would be negative 2 pts
PIM: 2 pts per PIM, Fight would count as 10, Misconducts don't count
Shots: 1 pt per shot

Goal: 8
Assist: 3
PPG: Extra 2 pts (10)
PPA: Extra 2 pts (5)
SHG: 25
SHA: 15
GWG: Extra 5 pts (13)
+/-: 2 pts per +, -2 pts per -
PIM: 2 pts per PIM, Fights count as 10, Misconducts don't count
Shots: 1 pt per shot

Win: 15
Loss: -10
Tie: 5
Saves: Each save is 1 pt
GA: Each GA is -5 pts
Goal: 40
Assist: 15
PIM: 2 pts per PIM, Misconducts don't count
Shutout: Extra 15 pts (30 - win) (20 - tie)

Correspond to their position

As for prizes well it is free and I'm not rich so at the moment there are no prizes. If anyone has an idea on how to inflict prizes in the pool then please let me know. I'm open to any suggestions or comments about the pool. If anyone is a good web designer please let me know if you would be interested in helping out by putting up a site or whatever, i'm not very good at it at all so yeah. I hope this idea turns out good and I get many interested in it. I think I covered everything I needed to, Oh and be careful with picking Kovalchuk and Datsyuk as you know they could be in Russia, well Datsyuk is but some sources mention that theres a meeting this sunday about all this crap thats gone on. If you notice any mistakes on the form let me know btw.

Later all!

Rookie Camp

07 September 2005 - 09:29 PM

Could any Red Wings fans here let me know how Kindl and McGrath do if you see them at camp at all? As a Kitchener Ranger fan it would be nice to see how they're doing.