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  1. In some states with the statutes Vehicular Homicide IS murder. Yes, he made a mistake and I don't care to get into a big debate about it but to state that the NFL is lax in their punishment when the NHL isn't exactly severe is hypocritical, imo.
  2. Heatley killed Snyder and was sentenced to 3 years probation. The NHL isn't any better.
  3. It couldn't happen to a better team.
  4. I remember Stefan Liv had some pretty cool masks. I don't remember the site now, though. Here's a site for many different goalie masks throughout the years if anyone's interested- http://www.goaliesarchive.com/masks.html
  5. I'd take Samuelsson between the two. Although I would reserve the right to yell at him for his lazy d at the point and horrible shot accuracy. Personally, I'd take Drake back first if that was an option.
  6. I wonder if NHL10 has pulled him from the cover yet.
  7. That has happened in the past. Just look at Vancouver's attendance numbers before 2003 or the years Edmonton only got 12-14k a game, for instance. Fans won't support a losing team and will line up for winners. Hockey can't survive without Canada and it can't survive without the US. Both are needed. The NHL would fold without any US teams also. There's not enough fans in Canada to support it,imo.
  8. I agree which would bring even more problems since he's underage.
  9. The NHL has already approved Hossa's contract (and Z's and Franzen's etc) so I don't see how it could posibly be about the length and terms of the contract. They'd look pretty stupid saying it's not a good contract now after approving it already. It has nothing to do with that so I don't know why all of the comparisons about them. They are investigating rumors that the Hawks and Hossa talked about a specific time of retirement which is circumventing the cap and illegal.
  10. Conklin will be the only one I miss and I think we'll miss him a lot. (Hope I'm wrong on this though)
  11. I agree 100% except for the fact that he signed to go to Russia. To me, he was not happy about his playing time and I am guessing not happy about Filppula's contract compared to what he was offered. If he hadn't signed to go to the KHL I would definitely think he's doing it out of loyalty also but the way he's going about things I can't see anything but selfishness and going after the money and playing time. Which I have no problem with except when people talk about how loyal he is.
  12. I respectfully disagree. I think Hudler files for arbitration because he doubts the Wings can match it and he becomes a UFA. If he wants to keep other teams away he just tells his agent "I don't want to sign any offer sheets" and that's that. You don't file for arbitration just to keep other teams away. Either way, I don't want him back anyways but he definitely put the Wings in a bind for whatever reason he decided to file arbitration and then leave to Russia. Maybe he couldn't make up his mind which is also not a good excuse. I see nothing showing all this great loyalty on Hudlers part with his actions.
  13. I guess I'm in the minority thinking that Hudler didn't go to arbitration to STAY with the Wings but did it because he knew the Wings cap issues and that they'd have to walk away from the deal, thus, making him a UFA. There is NO way Hudler is as loyal as some here think,imo. Especially when he's been mad about the lack of playing time and after Filppula's contract. Screw Hudler, let him walk.
  14. http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/chi090703.html