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  1. PamDatsyuk

    Wings are hiring: Season Ticket Rep.

    I know my name was only on the waiting list for one year and i got a letter in the mail in about August of last year asking if I was interested in tickets. I probably won't be renewing mine this year as one year was expensive enough. So my seats will be open, hopefully you'll get that letter in the mail soon!
  2. PamDatsyuk

    Fan response

    Well this is my first post to a topic, so I apologize if it don't get it right This posting hits home with me as I'm 25 years old and my name came up for season tickets this year. Of course I had to buy them, but being a college student I had to split the cost between 2 credit cards. I live 2 hours away from Detroit, so it's not a far drive for me, but to sell my tickets was the hardest thing I had to do this year. Before I got my season tickets, I would pay DOUBLE face value on ebay to go to games and now that I have my season tickets, sales on even ebay have dropped way below face value, what luck! I am down about $1000 because I made the decision to buy rounds 1 and 2 of the playoffs. It was fun to have them for a year but unfortunately I won't renew next year, simply by them from ticketmaster. I paid more money to see the first game where we played the ducks when sergei got traded than what money I could get for any of my playoff tickets. I do agree that most of the people I've been seeing at the game are people just there for the beer and it does kill me when people get up early and leave. At least I know I'm there for hockey, and a trip to the joe is like a trip to disneyland for me!