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  1. Who do you cheer for now?

    like to root for vancouver, but since that doesnt look like it will happen. then i'd root for sharks actually. i'd rather say my team was beaten by the champs rather than some team that went 1 round farther and lost anyway. my order would go.. vancouver san jose montreal boston philly chicago pittsburgh.
  2. Don't blame Howard.. blame Babcock

    I agree, i blame babcock for game 4...
  3. Who would you most blame for a round 2 loss?

    stopping 40 shots its doing more than enough to keep your team in it, even if you do let in 4 goals.. at some point the defense has to realize hes not god back there, throw him a bone and start helping him! even if hes not stopping 40 shots, you cant cough up the give aways in the zone, or let up the odd man rushes and expect him to save you.. i cant blame howard at all with what was in front of him, losing these 3 games has been a team effort. not howards fault. um, sharks have had to score 4 goals a game to win. it does happen in the playoffs
  4. Nicknames

    i think they should play the green day song "St. Jimmy" when he makes a great save. thats what i call him anyway.
  5. you quoted before i changed it. this is why i shouldnt read things while im half dead in bed. lol. sorry.
  6. never mind, i was half alseep, misread.
  7. a 2 - 1, OT Loss in game 5 of the conference finals.... how strangely familiar this seems... hopefully history repeats itself?
  8. ohhh jiggy was PISSED! great game, good to see the wins doing some dominating in this series. hopfully we can bring this with us for game 4.
  9. The Dominator!

    you wouldnt happen to know of a large version of that picture would ya? great great picture. its just so small hard to do anything with it without ruining the quality.