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  1. I really like you but you seem to ***** about everything this team does. Do you have anything positive to say about this team lately?
  2. Yay!!!!! He's one of my favorites! And here comes the complainers saying it's too much or too long in 1....2...3....
  3. I do remember him running out of options so it was "s*** or get off the pot" for him essentially, which he did finally.
  4. I actually like Sidney Crosby and is the best in the NHL right now and Conner McDavid is annoying as hell because the NHL is going to shove them down our throats.
  5. There's probably a good reason or not...
  6. Where's that exploding head meme of him? It was hilarious!
  7. That would probably be a wise decision. Why go from hero to zero at one point.
  8. Not surprised at all.
  9. Yes this is it. Thank you!!
  10. I'll try and find the link again. It was recent after our latest acquisitions. Besically, Howard was better yada, yada, yada and Mrazek needs to play better, yada, yada, yada and then what I mentioned before.
  11. I lol'd when I read it. SMH. Sorry but I think that's crazy to pay a goalie that much.
  12. I heard a radio broadcast where Holland said that he and Howard would be fighting it out basically and that one goalie obviously can't play all 82 games.
  13. I don't's the "Holland" way.
  14. In another thread someone mentioned they didn't re-sign Patterson.