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  1. I think that's all of us when the streak was finally broken
  2. Nerve, is that you?
  3. Yeah I remember Kenny quoting stats all the time during Wings game and then they get broken, Caps in 7.
  4. Let's Go Caps!!!
  5. I tell ya Montreal has to have the worst goal horn in the league...wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.
  6. I guess my question is would he have made $10 plus if he is able to continue officiating?
  7. Like who that's cheap. Ott was fine.
  8. Noooooooooooo don't fail me Caps
  9. Now you could easily change that Caps logo to the Leafs logo
  10. Hell yeah!!! GO CAPS!!!
  11. Well, well, well, someone got spanked. Where was the Oiler's golden boy?
  12. Then I have to deal with the annoying Edmonton fans lol and we'll have to hear about McAnnoying over and over and over and over.....