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  1. Your assessment of Today

    There is alot of drama queens in this forum right now. Most likely the same ones who agreed with the critics about the salary cap being the end of the Red Wings winning ways. This is as good a team as we have had in the last 15 years and somehow some of you are too blind to see it. Ken Holland is an outstanding GM, maybe even the very best in Hockey. Rather than trash the Wings on a Red Wing site, go be a Dallas or Duck fan and bash us from there. We expect stupid senseless talk from them anyway. Do all of us "true Wings fans" a favor and don't get back on the band wagon. See ya in the playoffs, uh, maybe not Colorado though.
  2. Red Wings acquire D Brad Stuart

    Amen! He should fit in nicely here in Detroit. In fact, besides the Ducks, there is not a better group of D-men in the NHL.
  3. Red Wings acquire D Brad Stuart

    Are you being serious? The Wings are as good as anybody in the NHL. Now with Stuart, we are a bit better and tougher on the D.
  4. WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    It's game 5. We either win today or have to pray for a similar result like in 2002 against the Avs. Having to win game's 6 & 7 is almost impossibile against a team like the Ducks. It's the other way around too tho, if we do win today the ducks would need a gift from above to take the next 2 from us. We are a grity, talented, hungry team and I think we are gonna do it! GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Why shouldn't I dread this series vs. Anaheim?

    1- Pronger has only once in his whole career gave the Wings trouble. And Niedermayer hasn't done anything against us since 1995. Very good D but c'mon, lets not make them something their not. 2- You need to recheck the stats.....there is a Detroit Goalie that is tops in numbers too. Again, very good goalie, but he is not the Dominator. 3&4 - The Wild and the Canaucks are good teams to pad your stats against. You can bet that if the Wings played those teams that our stats would look far much better then they do now. The Wings are more than ready to take on the Ducks. If you think the Ducks are a better team then the Sharks then maybe it is you that is living a dream....or trying to make up a nightmare. Anything could happen but if things keep going the way they are and have been..........Wings in 5. GO WINGS
  6. Post-GAME 4: Red Wings 3, Sharks 2 (OT)

    There was a game tonite? I thought this series was over when they dropped the puck for game 1?.....goooooo wiiiiings! GOOOOOO WIIIIINGS!!! LETS GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. bench bert article today

    Benching Bert = low hockey IQ. Game 4.....GO WINGS!!! nuff said.
  8. Can we get a W in the tank?

    All this talk about the Wings being tired after game 2 is crap. They are profesional's! They are, as well as all the other teams in the NHL, in tip top shape and with a day off their tanks will be refuled and ready to go. Maybe they were tired after game 6 in round 1 but who wouldn't be after back to back games with travel in between? If we are mentally prepared there is no reason we shouldn't get a win in San Jose. And, with Babcock as coach you know we will have our heads together. The question Sharks fans should be asking is why the hell with their feet on Detroit's neck in game 2 did your players not leave everything they had in them on the ice? They should have been the ones that were dog tired having tried everything they could to put a stranglehold on the Wings. Could it be that the Red Wings want it so much more that they will do anything to win? I do believe so. San Jose better win tonite cause if they don't it could be all but over for them.
  9.'s Allan Muir - Wings deserved to win game 2

    Detroit played their asses off!!! You can expect more of the same in game 3 too! The lucky (odd?) goals are normally far and few between so don't expect any more like the way you got the first two games. The sharks will not beat the Wings in a seven game series by scoring 2 goals a game. Hell, if we would stop spotting you a 2 goal lead in these games you guys would be in serious trouble right now. And if you don't think the sharks are worried sick about not being able to score after the first 5 mins. of the first period, think again. Don't forget to come back here to post after Detroit's game 3 win. I can't wait to hear how the sharks got us right where they want us!
  10. Sharks fans want to play Wings

    Too old, too slow, too small, goaltender is old......didn't we hear all this in 2002? Of course we did! Just take a look at all the small, old guys on the Wings with Stanley Cup rings. And most of them small guys have 3 rings, not just one. I give the Sharks respect except Nabokov cause he has never done anything very well against Detroit. There are alot of reporters with a strong dislike for the Red Wings that blinds them when they pick their playoff winners. Just because there are a lot of people picking the Sharks to win this series does not mean they are right. Since 1995 (minus the 04-05 lockout) we have been to at least the conf. finals 5 out of 11 times (3 Cups, 1 Cup loss) and have always been TOO OLD AND TOO SMALL!!!! Tell them Sharks to bring their A+ game, they're damn well gonna need it. GO WINGS!
  11. Convince me why I shouldn't be dreading this series....

    #1- Philly was the biggest team in the NHL for years, alot of good that did them. #2-Being the youngest team in the NHL is NOT a good thing, even more so in the playoffs. #3-Uh...The Wings have rolled 4 lines for the last 10 yrs. Of course Nashville was easy! They were beat up and injured before post season even started! And why would you compare just 1 game from each series? #4- The Wings do have a better defense and a goalie that is one of the best EVER! #5- The Wings had the best road record in NHL history last year, 30+wins. It don't mean anything come playoff time. At All. But you are right, this should be a close hard fought series that could go either way, with the Wings winning in 6-7 gms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Convince me why I shouldn't be dreading this series....

    Please! Have some faith! If we are going to win the Cup then we are going to have to beat the best teams to do it. The Sharks are a good team but they don't scare me. Remember, the regular season means almost nothing. Look back thru all the years we dominated teams in the regular season only to have those teams give us hell during the playoffs. Even Detroit looks like a different team so far these playoffs with Cleary and the "mule" stepping up big time along with Chelios and "the pain train" playing almost perfect defense. And our stars are playing like stars, something that does not always happen. It is possibile that the Wings could lose, as could any team, but if we play our game it's not gonna happen.GO WINGS