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  1. tiburones

    Versus Airing Wings Game Early

    I think it would be good if Versus and NBC let the local commentators call the games..not the assclowns they have that didn't travel with the team all season long. For instance if the game was in San Jose everyone would see Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda and if the game was in Detroit everyone would see whoever you guys have...I'm too lazy to look it up.
  2. tiburones

    Joe Thornton

    San Jose sent forwards Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau and defenseman Brad Stuart to the Bruins for Joe Thornton. Marco is the only one left in Boston, as you know the other two are in Calgary.
  3. tiburones

    Joe Thornton

    First of all...Thank you. I am a Sharks season ticket holder and have seen every home game Joe has played in plus a couple of road games in Nashville. Almost every game he surprises me with some pass to an open guy that I didn't even see. As some of you have said (I fully agree) Joe is the best thing to happen to the Sharks. As long as we have him we are going to be a force in the NHL. Where does he hide his cape?
  4. tiburones

    2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs Sharks

    Earlier today Chris Chelios and Dominik Hasek of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team got into a bit of a skirmish. We got the video to prove it: CLICK HERE
  5. tiburones

    Nabokov vs. DET

    I hope Chelios doesn't go down to try to block a shot...he might break a hip.
  6. tiburones

    Nabokov vs. DET

    1) Kipprusoff may be better than Nabby, but he had no goal support. Just look at the SOG in that series. 2) How can you say you are a way better team than Nashville when the Wings scored only 3 points more than them in the regular season. 3) Nashville was an extremely quick team and I don't think you have the speed to get many scoring chances. I also think that the Wings are too old to compete with such a young and big team as the Sharks. The Wings have 13 players over 30 (2 over 40) and the Sharks have only 4. The wings have 16 players under 200 lbs and 10 over. The Sharks have only 4 players under 200 lbs and have 21 players over. You may come out of the gate with more quaility scoring chances, but it won't last.