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  1. Wings fans

    Congrats, Wings fans. As much as I hated seeing the Sharks eliminated tonight, it was somewhat palatable to lose to a team who deserved to win the series, after being eliminated in the previous playoffs by a team who resorted to goonery to gain an advantage. Both teams in this series were supremely talented, and both played hard. There were momentum swings throughout the series, but in the end, the team with the better goaltender prevailed. It's a testament to the talent level of the Western Conference when teams as talented as the Sharks, Canucks, Stars, and Predators were this season couldn't advance to the WCF. The two teams left are indeed the cream of the crop. I'm obviously not a fan of the Ducks, but they have an outstanding club down in Anahiem. Beating them won't be easy, but I'll be pulling for Detroit. Good luck Wings, and thanks LGWers for your hospitality.
  2. Hasek vs. Nabby

    It's very difficult for a television viewer to see, but if you were somehow able to see the entire playing surface, you'd notice that NHL goalies often direct rebounds to their retreating defensemen after a shot is taken from the perimeter on the rush. This appears to be a big juicy rebound to the TV viewer, but is really a (somewhat) intentional pass from the goaltender to a back-checking teammate that the goalie can see peripherally, but is off of the screen of the TV viewer. When what appears to the TV viewer as a rebound ends up on the tape of a goalie's teammate, it's easy to assume that the attacking team did not position themselves well for the apparent "rebound." edit: Yes, NHL goalies are that good, see the ice that well, and can accordingly prepare for deflections on shots from the perimeter.
  3. stupid fans

    That's awesome. Booing opposing players is a natural occurance. Pronger is boo'd in SJ every time he touches the puck, and it's almost become a bit of a joke between him and the fans. He loves it. When he was told by a Bay Area media guy that he'd been voted the most hated opposing player in any professional sport in the Bay Area, his face lit up. Booing your own team is a bad idea. Whether you think it classless or not is of less importance than the fact that negative reinforcement is never as effective as positive reinforcement. You'll never hear fans at the Saddledome booing the Flames - they just start up the "Go Flames Go" louder and louder if their team is struggling. I wouldn't give that fact exclusive credit as to why the Flames had just an above average team but owned the best home record in hockey this season, but I think there's a correlation.
  4. Now a 1 Game Series

    Detroit dominated the first period last night, and basically the games have seen huge momentum swings with neither team able to settle in to a dedicated routine, with the exeption of when Detroit slammed the door in SJ's face in the final minute of game 2. As a Sharks fan, I certainly haven't stopped having heartburn over this series just because SJ's up 2-1. I agree that game 4 is huge, though. Going back for 2 of 3 at JLA in a tied series terrifies me. Even being up 3-1 is no lock, considering the Wings' firepower and the Sharks uncanny ability to disappear for stretches.
  5. Wings Fans at LGW

    I don't want to buzz-kill the love fest that is this thread by introducing hockey to the conversation, so I'll catch you elsewhere.
  6. Joe Thornton

    The biggest reason for Joe's success in SJ is that when he arrived, he was invited to play his game. In Boston, especially in his formative seasons, the Bruins tried to make him into a Holstrom, a front of the net presence. Joe's physique is conducive to that style of play, but that's not his biggest strength. Wilson surrounded Joe with goal scorers and told him to go out and dictate the pace. And he has. Not to mention, when you're playing for fans and local media that celebrate you instead of scrutinize you, I've got to imagine you're more motivated. Thanks for all the compliments, LGWers. I'll pass them along to Joe.
  7. I seem to remember some posters here talking about Grier's goal in game 1 of the series as being a "fluke." If you only count the "good" goals tonight, the ones that weren't a result of a lucky bounce or a terrible give-away, tonight's game would still be tied, 1-1. The "I hate the opposing coach for something he said" thread usually starts by at least game two of every playoff series. I'd recommend you all relax and enjoy. This is great hockey we're seeing, by two very good teams.
  8. Franzen's Cheap Shot...

    Hull has nothing nice to say about anyone except himself. When the pre-game started, I said out loud "uuhhg, Brett Hull. This guy's a major a-hole." 15 seconds after he started talking, my wife, 3-years new to hockey, goes "Wow. He IS an a-hole." There's no way in hell this guy should be doing national broadcasts. As for the hit, I didn't like it. It was perfectly legal, with the exception of the no-puck-touch interference call, but not an illegal hit if Cheechoo had the puck. The reason I didn't like it is because I don't like head shots. I don't have a solution as to how the NHL should clean up head shots, but to hold to a policy that says that shoulder-to-head contact is somehow less egregious than elbow-to-head contact escapes my logic.
  9. is this what the NHL wants?

    In terms of ratings and hype in the U.S., absolutely. In terms of generating new interest in the sport, I'd think Anaheim or SJ from the West, only because both sit in 10+ million person markets, a small percentage of which are regular season hockey fans. If the Ducks won a cup, for example, 19 million people who are within driving distance of the Pond and certainly driving distance from malls where Ducks gear is sold, will take notice. When Tampa Bay won theirs, it effected along the lines of 2 million.
  10. Wings Fans at LGW

    Certainly when you break into a board that already has established relationships among long time posters it, it stands to reason that a stranger may not be engaged as readily as a veteran, but this is the first board I've seen where you can ask a question about the home team and get no response. I'm not talkin the virtues of a two-goalie system or who in the league has the sweetest toe-drag move. Questions like if Babcock likes to juggle line combinations, how Bert's fitting in, etc. People usually LOVE to talk about their team, at least everywhere else they do, and I personally gain alot out of learning as much as I can about the upcoming opponent by interacting with their fans. edit: Like I said, it was just an observation and having only spent a few days here, my sample size is not yet big enough to claim any merit. Just tellin ya what I've seen.
  11. Wings Fans at LGW

    There's Gryph, making friends everywhere he goes. Agreed, this site is pretty cool. Definitely a step up from most places as far as the format/content goes. But most of the regulars seem to only respond to personal posts.... be they attacks or shoe drivelling. Posts about hockey, the teams, the rules, strategies, etc go largely without response or dialogue. Just an observation from my infentesimal time here, and probably unfounded, but hey. If nothing else, thanks for the civility LGWers. That in itself is a breathe of fresh air.
  12. Again With The Trap...

    Scoreboard aside, I thought the Wings played fairly effectively against it, or at least, as effectively as can be. There were a couple of decent chances generated, and let's face it, bounces (and rebounds) just seem to be going San Jose's way. The Sharks got into defensive mode way too early last night for my liking. I would rather have seen them force the issue with an aggressive forecheck and trying to control the puck in Detroits zone rather than keeping three back. To give that much possession time to Detroit is Russian Roulette.
  13. Here comes the bluster..

    In the context of the article, I read that as a compliment.
  14. Versus Commercial Campaign

    These are better than some of the stuff currently airing. Awesome work. Although, I dare anyone to better the current Geico commercials. "Go carts... Supermarket... Those remote control boats.... When it comes to Mike Wallace, the story always ends with me puttin him into the wall."
  15. Message from a Sharks fan

    Samadelphia revealed "You're a dick!" Sam knows I'm just playin. Give him some time and he'll settle in. He brings some good knowledge once you learn to ignore his rough edges.