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  1. Chris Kunitz out of lineup...

    It's official. Kunitz had surgery this morning on his hand. Probably gone for the remainder of this series and the SCF.
  2. Detroit's Travel vs. Buffalo's Travel

    I think the west coast teams (ANA, LA, SJ, VAN) log even more miles.
  3. what COLORS are the Ducks?

    Black & Orange
  4. Go Ducks

    Not all Duck fans are overconfident. I hope you don't find me as unappealing and ignorant as other Duck fans on this board appear to be. I’ve been having an ongoing argument with a diehard RW fan here in SoCal and frankly neither of us feel confident enough to predict the eventual winner of this series. Some say that the injury to Schneider is going to be the downfall of the Wings in this series. I don’t buy it. To say that the Wing D is soft or is going to be ineffective is just stupid. Even with Schneider out the Wings still have the likely 2007 Norris winner and a solid corps on the blueline. I see the key to this series to be Todd Marchant. Yep that’s right, Todd Marchant, here’s why. Since Marchant’s injury the Ducks have basically been a three line team. Our fourth line has been playing 2 to 5 minutes per game. With a healthy Marchant the Ducks may well drop Penner to the fourth line and move May up to the second line. The second line would be Getzlaf, Perry and May and the fourth line would be Marchant, Penner and Thornton. Skill and grit on both lines plus Penner and Marchant have shown some nice chemistry. Also Marchant is nails on the PK. I think he led the team in shorties during the regular season. If Marchant is able to play and has his game legs I think the Ducks take this in 6. If not, who ever wins game 7. Here’s to a great series. Good Luck!