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  1. Welcome Ducks Fans

    Hey, thanks for the warm welcome, Wing fans! It should be an interesting series! I look forward to conversing hockey with some, no doubt, knowledgable fans here, and some fun back-and-forth bickering as well.
  2. Why shouldn't I dread this series vs. Anaheim?

    And by the way, who the heck listens to Melrose?
  3. Why shouldn't I dread this series vs. Anaheim?

    No competition, eh? Well, you wingers better not count your eggs before they hatch! But I will say that it will be a good series. Most definitely. No way will one team win it easily. You guys sure did leave out a lot about the Ducks. I saw someone mention this, but Scotty/Prongs will be on the ice for most of the time. Last series, Kent Huksins and Joe DiPenta barely saw ice time, very little they did indeed. So that'll be a challenge for your offense. Also, our checking line was able to stifle the Canucks' best duo of Henrik and Daniel Sedin. AND they managed to get themselves some points for the board. Ducks basically have three scoring lines they can score from, with Selanne-McDonald-Kuntiz and the kid line/PPG line of Penner-Getzlaf-Perry. And like I just mentioned, that checking line has been scoring some key goals for us in games lately, (Sami Pahlsson scores first goal in game 5 against Vancouver, Travis Moen scores OTGWG in Game 4) so you know, these Ducks aren't just a simple bump in the road. And we haven't even begun talking about Giguere. Now, in no way am I saying "HEY MY TEAM IS BETTER THAN YOURS AND THEY WILL KICK YOUR SORRY BUTTS!" but I certainly would like for you all to know that you are somewhat under-estimating the Ducks. They'll surprise you if you take them too lightly. They are a tough team who like to hit the bodies, so just be aware of that. Overall, I'm very excited about this series. Should be a good one!