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  1. NHL Draft: Wings select B. Smith 27th Overall

    They're only the most awful, Godless band of an entire generation. But I guess if you're into rehashed, unoriginal top 40 tripe, Nickelback is the band for you.
  2. NHL Draft: Wings select B. Smith 27th Overall

    Favorite band is Nickelback? Oh the humanity. Into the dryer with him.
  3. Grade Kopecky

    He skated faster than most others on the ice, which is to be expected considering how much of a break he's had. He looked good down low, but I thought he ruined a dandy chance with him and Draper skating down the left side early in the game. That's all timing. Other than that, didn't see much. Wasn't able to critique his puck handling or shot selection, since he didn't have the chance to do any of that. With 10 or so minutes on Thursday, we'll get a good glimpse of what he's all about. The coaching staff obviously loves him - they were more confident with him in the lineup early in the season than Filppula or Hudler.
  4. TSN: Pronger to Face Disciplinary Hearing

    They're probably just calling him in to slap him on the wrist - "Don't do this again, Mr Pronger, or we'll give you a stern talking to!". The NHL having the balls to suspend a superstar for an infraction on the ice? I didn't see it with Iggy and Calgary, and I don't expect to see it today.
  5. WCF Post-GAME 3 (5/15): Red Wings 5, Ducks 0

    It should be 1 Homer 2 Dom 3 Lidstrom 4 Filppula 27 Teddy Ruxpin 28 Chris Osgood 36 Todd frikken Marchant. I guess they're rewarding him for that killer playoff beard.
  6. Holmstrom Hit from Behind

    Be nice to Pronger. He gets enough flak for being p*ssy-whipped by the wifey. And yes, he should be suspended for Game 4.
  7. WCF Post-GAME 3 (5/15): Red Wings 5, Ducks 0

    Amen to that. People will always try to run him down with the bus when we're losing, trying to lump him with Dave Lewis as yet another coach who can't win with this talent - but get serious. Babcock is a helluva coach. This team does not have half of the supposed "experience" and offensive depth(supposedly) of past Red Wings teams. But they're faster, tougher, and playing tremendously together. A lot of credit has to go to Babs, and his lineup juggling tonight was genius - especially the Filppula/Homer combo. Splitting up the top line took guts, but it worked to perfection. And his defensive philosophy speaks for itself. Just look at our GAA and shots against all season long.
  8. Did Anaheim "do what they wanted" tonight?

    Because, you know, all I've heard since the end of game 1 is how Anaheim has "played their game" and "done what they wanted." I didn't know losing hockey games were part of their plans, but whatever. So, did they do what want tonight? I thought they neutralized Danny Markov and Brett Leba pretty well on the PP, so major kudos to the Ducks for that. I guess they played their vaunted Mallards of Destruction physical hockey - the Swedish catfight between Sammy and...Sammy was particularly ferocious and had me ducking under the table. I sure hope Anaheim did what they wanted to do tonight. Raises my optomism for Thursday!
  9. A new slogan.

    What a touching, heartwarming, cliche post from our boy Babs. Sounds like something....right out of a Mighty Ducks movie. Gotta wake up early if you want to catch goose eggs!(I'm sure I butchered the exact quote)
  10. Eastern Conference Finals - Game 2

    The Senators are just 6 wins away in their quest to raise Lord Stanley's Cup - the most stories and coveted trophy in all of sports! Now, stay tuned for some high-flying professional bull-riding right after these messages! ONLY ON VERSUS!
  11. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    If only Bert himself showed that same sort of intensity. Him and Cleary can slit some throats with those neck beards they're sporting. If you got it, use it!
  12. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

  13. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    I Ysebaertedly agree with you. The names are less recognizable and the defense is on life support, but there's just something good brewing with our Wings right now. It'll always come back to Hasek, of course. We lose this game with most other netminders. Can't say enough about the young guns always digging deep and forechecking. Filppula and Franzen stood out to me.
  14. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    Hey, guys, how's it going? After lurking this place for a while, I figured it was time to join my fellow Wings fans in this fantastic forum. You guys are hilarious, knowedgeable, and seem to be a pleasure to be around. More than I can say about most forums on the 'net today. Looks like I might stick around with all the activity around here. Good game by the gang today. We can obviously play better, but the special teams were outstanding and Hasek stood on his head. That's all you really need to win a game nowadays. I was kind of surprised at times during the game, though. Last I checked, Anaheim was evidently genetically superior and they would have no trouble turning Wings aside and peppering Dom with goal after goal. I gotta be honest, when those Mallards of Destruction stepped on the ice for the first time, I nearly peed myself. They're all 6'3" 200. You can'[t beat teams that are bigger than you, right? Our Wings are in way over their heads, as far as I'm concerned. If only we had Ysebaert!