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  1. dw185


  2. dw185

    3/24 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Oilers 2

    HD??? anyone?? wtf?
  3. dw185

    1/20 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Coyotes 6

    Phoenix stinks. The wings will thrash them once Babcock lights a fire under the wings butts during the intermission. They'll come out kickin Phoenix' booties.
  4. dw185

    1/20 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Coyotes 6

    Yeah, where the crap is the HD? this is widescreen std def. This is a bunch of crap.
  5. dw185

    SCF Game 4 GDT: Red Wings 2, Penguins 1

    Seems like the wings can't get a penalty call to go their way this game... Pens aren't getting called for much and the wings are getting called for everything. typical playoff adversity for the wings though
  6. dw185

    SCF Game 4 GDT: Red Wings 2, Penguins 1

    i'm sick of hearing about crosby
  7. dw185

    SCF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 0

    go wings. area to improve, but i guess there isn't too much to complain about since pittsburgh has been unable to score a goal in 2 full games against the wings. It's either they suck or we're that good, but i wouldn't count strictly on one or the other. Wings need to keep the solid performance, especially in their building!
  8. dw185

    SCF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 0

    I'm suprised at the praise they are piling on detroit this game. I was pissed when i saw the "Crosby: 30 mins of circle jerking" special before the pre-game. When in the history of sports has one player been hyped so much? (and then been shut down like the 12 year old he is) I'm glad to see the wings tossing these boys around like dolls. Hopefully they can keep it up. As for the 17 yo girl above that said something about don't count a team out till you see them at home. I agree somewhat. The wings were solid against nashville at home, lost 2, then won 2. The wings have a habit of winning the first 2 at home and then the rest can go any way. I think against Pittsburgh, they might experience a setback, but i think they have it. You're right, the true test will be game 3 and 4 in Pittsburgh. I just dread to hear the template "comeback" stories that are already being written if pittsburgh does win a game. You all know those pittsburgh comeback stories are being written right now, and are being filed away for later in the week. The media has a huge Pittsburgh boner, but in the interest of being fair, they have to give praise when a team is dominating like the wings are.
  9. i'm not saying pittsburgh doesn't deserve the recognition, but they are massively overhyped. I'm sure they love it. I wouldn't expect them to act any different. Eseentially my intial gripe was all about the difference in media treatment of these two teams. The truth is that people are going to get worn down on the penguins and crosby, if they haven't already been. I'm sick of this team already. if they win the cup i will really be sick of hearing about them. On crosby being the "face of the nhl". I'm sorry, but thats just a shoddy pick in my opinion. There are plenty of other choices to pick from besides crosby, young guys included. crosby is a good player, but he isn't a savior. By using one person to draw in people they take the focus off of the actual game and focus it on a cult of personality. they've essentially turned him into the obama of hockey. alot of people will probably disagree with me there, but obama's huge following is due to a kind of messiah-like portrayal, and the same thing is being done with crosby. (sorry for getting a little political there, but the shoe fits). I'd rather see someone like Ovechkin be the "face" over crosby. Ovechkin is humble enough to not let all this coverage get to him. Crosby has a big head and it seems like he just loves the attention. Bottom line is that i'm sick of all the coverage he gets and i know for a fact that many others are sick of it as well. Hell, my brother and all his friends started calling him the "Mayor of Hockey" because he acts like he runs the entire sport.
  10. dw185


    I have a 40" Samsung. My HDMI was free from Charter with the rental of the HD cable box i had to get in order to watch HD. I agree that the HD is amazing and beats out regular any day of the week. I went up north and got stuck watching the game in standard def and almost cried. The panning is ridiculous. I hate it lol.
  11. And honestly, if you think they are stupid, redundant etc... just don't read the thread. Juvenile humor never hurt anyone and will never go away. If you don't like juvenile humor, don't ruin it for the rest of us by complaining incessantly about it.
  12. The *** jokes are necessary, and hilarious. If you don't like *** jokes, stop watching sports, never go into a locker room, never talk to real people. *** jokes make the world go round.
  13. I've been noticing for the last year or two a slavish, sycophantic coverage of Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins in general. I'm not trying to say they don't deserve recognition, because they do. I just think the coverage they get is ridiculous. on VS the other night they were showing the 10 plays of the week, or whatever they called it. Of course they had Datsyuk's hat trick as number 1. The rest of it was a load of garbage. Most of it was lame plays that you see 4th line players in the pre-season make, yet they somehow deemed that because Pittsburgh scored a goal while screening the goalie (*gasp* chewing bubble gum AND walking!) that it was a worthy highlight. The vast majority of the highlights, or anything they talk about when bringing up the Penguins just has simply not impressed me. Honestly, the penguins have been over-covered for two years, and it kind of pisses me off that the hockey media is essentially fitting this whole series into their little template. They have a pre-written story of how the little team that could toppled the old red wings. The Old, EVIL, Red Wings. It's obvious who most of the sports writers, tv announcers etc will be rooting for. And for that, i wish they would let FSN announce at least a couple of the games so i don't have to be driven nuts about how awesome Crosby's dive was, or how lame holmstrom is for standing in front of the net. Brace yourselves, it's coming. One thing i noticed about the coverage in the 3rd round of the Red Wings series is that they ALWAYS talked about what Dallas had to do to get even with the wings, even down 3 games. The impression i got was that the announcers for the games on VS just thought the wings should have been eliminated by now and they were just tanking, so "this is what Dallas needs to do". Instead of pointing out what the Wings need to do to close it out. It's just the little things like that that kind of red flag the bias for me. I know wings fans have been complaining of this for years, but i just wanted to ***** about it and this thread seemed like the right place to do it lol. Anyone else have any examples of what i'm talking about? I'm almost dreading this series. I'll never want to hear Crosby's name again after this series. God forbid the pens win it, I'll be done reading anything about hockey for the next 10 years, since everything will be all about how Crosby crawled into the finals and smote the red wings with his fiery sword! Might as well cancel hockey forever if that happens and just crown Crosby the official winner of hockey. Ever. I'm sure quite a few journalists and announcers will cream their pants just a little every time they think about crosby holding the cup. *shudders*
  14. dw185

    Penguins franchise deserves no credit

    the wings have had low picks every year and have stayed at the top. It's called good scouting and good management. The draft is set up the way it is so that the same team doesn't dominate year in and year out. As a red wings fan, we have no room to speak on how the draft is fair or unfair. we've done pretty damned good for ourselves despite having low draft picks. look at zetterberg and datsyuk. 210th and 171st overall respectively. Just goes to show you that the draft system is completely fair. look at how many high ranking picks never did crap for a team? I'm not sticking up for pittsburgh here as i am destroying the entire idea that the draft system is somehow unfair. There are teams like the red wings that don't need a fair draft system to thrive. It's called good scouting and good management. Maybe pittsburgh had good luck off of good picks because they were terrible, or maybe they have a decent management team as well that made a few decent trades here and there to get some good players (IE Hossa). There are plenty of other reasons to trash on the Penguins besides getting lucky and getting good draft picks. If being a terrible team is some kind of game plan in order to get good draft picks, then count me out. I don't ever want to see the wings have an abysmal season just for a good draft pick. BTW, one of my biggest gripes about the penguins is the slavish coverage that the media gives them. Sydney Crosby is gods gift to hockey as far as some of the media are concerned and it bothers the hell out of me.
  15. dw185

    Dispelling some myths: the Pittsburgh Penguins

    If the wings can hold it together, and they have done a fairly decent job so far, then i don't see why they can't take out the pens in 6 or better. I think the separation of the conferences during the regular season really forces them to turn a blind eye and regular season statistics really don't match up since neither detroit or pittsburgh played many of the same teams on a regular enough basis to compare the stats. I think the wings could be a far more superior team since pittsburgh really never played any challenging teams in the east. Most of the terrible teams are in the east this season. Look how much turmoil it must have taken for philadelphia and pittsburgh, the two worst teams in the league a couple years ago, to make it to the conference finals. I would have to say that that conference has had some huge shakeups, and not in a good way. Now let me say that since the regular season are utterly incomparable, that this could also slice the other way. The pens play a little bit different style of game that what the wings are used to and could really throw the wings for a loop. That also goes both ways. Either way, i already like the way this series shapes up more than the lame anaheim v ottawa series last year. Utterly horrendus finals... Maybe i'm a biased wings fan, or maybe i'm just ready for some real hockey where some idiot like pronger isn't out there taking cheap shots every other shift. Crosby may be a big whiner, but he can play some hockey. Get ready to make excuses for his poor performance pittsburgh fans!