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  1. Krystal


  2. My feet are freezing, I can't stop coughing, and my benadryl-haze is still going strong.Pretty sure there is such a thing as like, finals funk, or something. Every semester it seems, I get horribly sick by the end of it from pushing myself too hard through the semester :(Thank goodness there's only two weeks left of this one, and eight after that before graduation. I'm going to sleep the entire month of August xD

  3. Freezing cold and all congested :( the benadryl did NOTHING! Poor Lilith is coughing and congested too. I can't hardly concentrate on preparing for my exam Tuesday either.

  4. Ugh, Chicago and Calgary both screwed up my brackets so hard. The west is so busted - at least I've got the east figured out xD

  5. First time I've had to threaten to kick someone out via the police today. That's a new one.Pro-tip: Don't treat my clerks like trash, and don't get condescending when we explain that a blank piece of paper doesn't have any helpful info on it. I'm not even gonna let you get away with acting like that. It's cute you thought that because I'm a girl I'd back down and do what you want me to do. #LOLNope #ByeFelicia

  6. Today I officially can't even.

  7. Change "me" to "my family" and that's accurate

  8. Playoff hockey is love.Playoff hockey is life.

  9. Pros: I have completed half of my homework due tomorrow.I got my new Erin Condren planner in the mail today! :D ♥Cons: I still have half my homework to doPlayoff hockey means that homework is REALLY hard to finish :(Tomorrow is when my own team starts playing (double OT for Chicago, Caps/Isles, and just watched the Flames punch the Canucks in the gut with less than :30 left in the 3rd period)Oh, and Gates is in t-minus about.. four weeks. I need to grind these espresso beans in my...

  10. Homework! Do yo self for a change >.>

  11. Krystal

    NHL Gamecenter Live **No illegal stream discussion**

    Boo That's unfortunate. I get cheated out of enough Wings games by not having NHL Network available through my cable provider (and Gamecenter Live doesn't carry their own network..) I was hoping I could finally get around missing those games entirely.
  12. Krystal

    'District Detroit': Red Wings' New Arena Details Released

    The arena itself isn't so much, but the concept for it being a hub for a bigger surrounding area is right on the money. I was down there for the Stars/Blues game on Saturday and the Power & Light district gets quite a bit of business. It'd be a monumental change for everything down there if they had an actual tenant in the building as opposed to just using it for random exhibition games, wrestling events, concerts, etc. If they had an NBA or NHL team in there - then the poor saps in Jackson county who voted for it might finally get something back out of it all I really liked the arena overall though - it was clean and it looked like (from what I could see) that there wasn't really a bad seat to see the game. It's really a shame they convinced voters to build it before they had anyone signed up to stay there. They were trying to advertise people hosting business meetings and parties there during the game It's literally reduced a huge, excellent arena into an over-sized board room.
  13. Krystal

    NHL Gamecenter Live **No illegal stream discussion**

    Does anyone know if the FCC ruling re: blackouts is going to have any real effect on games streaming and/or seeing them on tv? Because if I can just pony up the $10 bucks a month for the Fox Sports package through AT&T and get ALL of the Red Wings games that are on FSN-D (that aren't simultaneously broadcast on NHL Network or NBCSN) then I'd much rather do that than buy GCL again. I was trying to get the jist of all that, but it mostly discussed the repercussions for the NFL instead of any of the other sports leagues.
  14. Sneezes for the cold gods are still a'comin :(I can't wait until I kick this darn cold. But until then, nose to the grindstone..