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  1. Holland: "Lang won't be back"

    Now that Lang is history, he can eat all the double cheeseburgers and pizza he wants. However, a very important question has now arisen...will LGW ever find consensus on which Wing is "lazy and sucksâ„¢"? The drama!
  2. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    I'm definitely not a laM3 spam hax0r! Present and accounted for!
  3. WCF Game 6 (5/22) GDT: Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    The Wings have demonstrated they can beat the Ducks anyplace, anytime. They're loose, motivated and focused - and for those reasons, I believe the Wings will win this game in convincing fashion!
  4. WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    Once they landed back in Detroit, the Wings sounded like a group that is focused on the task at hand. They knew Game 4 was a missed opportunity to take over the series; they will not make that mistake again. I expect the Wings, with the extra day of rest, to come out playing physical and with speed through the neutral zone. If we get the early lead, I think they'll win in convincing fashion!
  5. WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    The Wings landed a solid punch to the Ducks in Game 3, and now we have them on the ropes - don't let 'em off for a second! This is a perfect opportunity to land a devastating blow and take a commanding lead in the series. Based on their play thus far, the Wings will capitalize in Game 4. I think the Wings will win tonight in convincing fashion!
  6. WCF Post-GAME 3 (5/15): Red Wings 5, Ducks 0

    The Wings absolutely dominated the Ducks in this game - at no point was the outcome of this game ever in doubt. They played the perfect road game, and it showed emphatically on the faces of the Ducks throughout the evening. The Wings are in an excellent position to break the Ducks' backs in Game 4, and have shown tonight they have both the ability and the intention to do just that. What a wonderful display! As for Pronger, he ought to (and likely will) be suspended. The game was out of hand, there was previous physical altercation between him and Holmstrom, and the hit itself was premeditated and egregious. If it were up to me, he should get 2-3 games. If he's out of any period of time, the Ducks are in serious trouble.
  7. WCF Game 3 (5/15): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    In these playoffs, the Wings have responded quite well after losses - I would expect no less in Game 3. I like the idea of putting Kopecky in for Calder; this move will allow Babcock to bump Cleary up to a scoring line, and add defensive/offensive punch to the 2nd line. All the Wings need to do is get a split in Anaheim, which is well within their capabilities (if they grab both, even better). I'm sure Pronger's comments made their way back to the lockeroom - I'm looking for the Wings to show how little iron is in his words. I think the Wings will win this game!
  8. WCF Game 2 (5/13): Ducks 4, Red Wings 3 OT

    I think the Wings are going to show a lot more jump and speed in Game 2. Fortunately, the Wings won despite playing their B-game; even so, a win is a win, and we'll all gladly take it! Things should be a lot more even, so we'll more than likely see another close game. I really like what I've seen from this Wings team to this point in the playoffs - I think they'll win the game in convincing fashion!
  9. GAME 1 (5/11) GDT: Ducks @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    At last, the Western Conference Finals begin! I strongly believe the 1st period will play out as two opponents feeling each other out. It would be beneficial for the Wings to pounce on the Ducks early, and stake an early lead. If the Wings can meet and improve upon their performance from Games 5 and 6 in the previous series, that will go a long way in helping them win Game 1. I believe they'll do just that and get this series off to a good start!
  10. Selanne...Selanne...ZETTERBERG

    Oops, you forgot to get the almighty BlakChamber's blessing to express yourself in the manner in which you choose. Shame on you for vexing him so! He is, under no circumstances, to be disturbed! Seriously BlakChamber, is your penchant for antisocial behavior a learned trait or is it congenital? I mean damn, ever since Matt made you a mod, you're exponentially more uptight and humorless than when you first showed up at LGW. Give it up, already! Back on topic...The media has been all too eager to exaggerate the difference between the Wings and Ducks, partly out of socioeconomic bias, and partly out of a deeply embedded inferiority complex (as it pertains to relative accomplishment in the NHL). The Ducks haven't had so much as a whiff of success since they joined the league, so I'm sure it's easy for their fans and the West Coast media to be overly effusive in the praise of their team. That said, they do so at their own peril. This Wings team has a few notable parallels the 1997 team in terms of team toughness and response to the level of expectations from the "experts". If Anaheim thinks its physicality is going to intimidate the Wings, they've got another thing coming. Our top line is revved up, Hasek has reasserted himself as "The Dominator", and the forwards and defense are working well together to limit shots and scoring chances. In the past few years, I've had more hope than belief the Wings were going to go far in the playoffs - this time is different. I don't necessarily expect them to win it all, but I sincerely believe they have a very good chance to do so. If the Wings play their A-game in this series, I think they'll defeat the Ducks. As for the predictions of the West Coast media, all they need to do is read my signature.
  11. Post-GAME 6 (5/7): Red Wings 2, Sharks 0

    The Wings smelled blood and the Sharks tried to hide it in the 1st period. Though they had spurts of energy, the Sharks played an overall tentative, scared game and the Wings made them pay dearly for it. Sammy was clutch in scoring two huge goals to take the crowd out of the equation, and the Wings proceeded to put on a defensive clinic in the 2nd and 3rd periods. As each game is played, the Wings appear stronger and hungrier. The outcome of this series ought to put Anaheim on notice - playtime with phonies like Minnesota and Vancouver is over. They're in for an epic battle, and this time, the Wings are playing for keeps. Great series, Wings! Bring on Anaheim!
  12. GAME 6 (5/7) GDT: Red Wings @ Sharks (LIVE)

    The Wings have demonstrated the resolve necessary to seriously contend for the championship in this series. The adversity they've faced throughout the season and playoffs have made them a force to be reckoned with - add to that the fact they smell the blood of their opponent. Now is the time for the Wings to play their best game of the series and finish off the Sharks. I truly believe the Wings will win tonight in convincing fashion!
  13. Post-Game 5 (5/5): Red Wings 4, Sharks 1

    Just like I said in my pre-game post, Game 5 is the most important game of the series when tied 2-2. The Wings played very well from the second half of the 1st period until the end of the game, and absolutely have the Sharks on the ropes. Combining their strong effort with invaluable experience, the Wings will look to finish this off (and likely succeed in doing so) in Game 6. This was a a HUGE WIN! Go Wings!
  14. Pre-GAME 5 (5/5): Sharks @ Red Wings - 2 PM ET

    In any series, Game 5 is the most important of them all; in an evenly matched series, it is this game that places one team on the threshold of total victory, and the other on the brink of elimination. That simple fact cannot be overstated - teams that win Game 5 are statistically more likely to win the series. I think this matchup will be no exception; if the Wings win this game, they will take the series. They have the momentum, the will, and the never-say-die attitude that is necessary to go all the way in the playoffs. I believe the Wings will win this game in convincing fashion!
  15. Homer?

    Actually, Homer is just fine - fortunately, it was just a broken skate blade that couldn't be repaired in time for him to make it back for OT. Here's the scoop: Explanation Starts On The 5th Paragraph