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  1. Satan81

  2. Wow, what a surprise that the officials blow yet another call. I've almost learned to live with the nightly lame-ass, non-existent hooking, tripping or interference calls but now these pinheads can't even get replay calls right. More good news ahead for the ongoing joke called hockey officiating.... Seven National Hockey League referees and six NHL linesmen were named on Thursday to work at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver next February. The referees are Paul Devorski, Mark Joannette, Dennis LaRue, Bill McCreary, Dan O'Halloran, Chris Rooney and Brad Watson. The linesmen include Shane Heyer, Jean Morin, Brian Murphy, Thor Nelson, Tim Nowak and Jay Sharrers. Bowman for commish Bettman must GO!!!!
  3. Forsberg?

    Peter "Flopsalot" Forsberg, the Dean of the Dive sporting the Winged Wheel? I'd rather eat my own flesh while watching Gary "TheFOOL" Bettman coach the Wings than have Foreskin as a Wing!!!!!
  4. Bettman's Salary.....

    For a near complete destruction of the league you're in charge of. For relegating your sport to nothingness so badly that papers stop covering hockey. For changing raised arms in the game from a goal celebration to a plea of innocence from another lame-ass call. For sentencing hockey to VS. For being paid more than players that put their bodies in the line of fire regularly. For SUCKING in every facet of your career as commisioner. You are hereby sentenced to, an eternity of being tied to a hockey net and facing slapshot after slapshot? of course not in the real world that gets you........A RAISE! All hail and reward the insipid mediocrity that is Gary Bettman
  5. Could use a little help

    Not ot mention the B.S. interference calls and subsequent waived off goals!!! What the league really needs is a new commisioner who knows something about hockey. This Morons' justification for making these assinine and ignorant calls is only exceeded by his idiocy that these new rules will bring in new fans. It's a lil hard to bring in new fans to hockey when they have absolutely no idea what constitutes a penalty. Us true fans have the impossible task of trying top explain the rules which, lets be honest the refs don't even know what constitutes a penalties!! In Closing Gary: Do the world of hockey and hell the whole world in general a favor and disappear from your unimportant, useless ego from this planet and this sport. Do us all a favor and return to your lawerly/advertising suckup positiom in the NBA!!! YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED AND TO BE BRUTALLY HONEST YOUR DEPARTURE WILL BE CELEBRATED BY ALL HOCKEY FANS!!!! Pieces David Smiley Michigan
  6. Could use a little help

    I've got just about every reg. season 07-08 game ( missed maybe 2) and every playoff game. If you and others can come up with specific games and possible time of the game when the hits take place I'll be more than happy to be your source of vid material.
  7. islanders fire ted nolan

    Let's see a G.M. who a signs a goalie who at best is an unproven/semi-average goaltender. 15 years for 68 million dollars proves what kind of idiot this guy is, hell this puts him on the level of moronic foolishness with Gary THE FOOL Buttman. Not only did these idiots fire Ted (the most underrated coach their is) Nolan but they let Miro Satan loose which led to the Pens snagging hin for one year. I'm having Isiah Thomas flashbacks in the incompetence era. One good thing as much as the NHL is slurping Sid the Kid that means I'll get to see more Miro, while Sid gets whored out by the NHL I get to enjoy more Satan games here in the Western Conference/midwest!!! Pieces Satan81 Great Deadpool avatar edicius!!!
  8. Members photos

    The shirt speaks for itself!
  9. Members photos

    Satan81 and Protege
  10. What are you listening to? 2?

    a couple of old school hockey related tunes by the band RAVEN: Iron League and an ode to the Pens: Pick Your Window: (Pick your window. You're leaving. Pick your window. You're leaving, you're leaving right now.)
  11. Hockey fans Unite

    Come on LGWers support this thread and it's idea. Inundate Buttnugget with as much Octopi as possible!!!!
  12. These writers at freep are idiots...

    I have no idea where you got the "one high stick" from that was nowhere in my post and the interference calls/non-calls have been running rampant in these playoffs. As for the not whining by you heres a few of your own posts: "Mike Ilitch paid the refs off so they call in detroits favor.... everybody knows this.... detroit fans are indenial" "Spoiled Fans.... you guys have 11 cups... 3 and the last 11 years... now you can't even fill your stadium ...... OUR TEAM DESERVES IT MORE" "I do agree that kron is a pretty amazing hitter to watch... I won't deny him that.. But its like when he goes out to hit people... he goes out to hit people... he doesn't even both trying to make a play""He is a big hitter.... I just wish they'd call him on jumping b4 someone got hurt" *If you actually paid attention to Krons hits you would notice that not only does he hit head on but hits at an upward angle and the momentum carries him not only forward but upwards because of the inherent momentum that causes the leaving of the feet on the follow through.(S81)* "Pens didn't even play their best tonight.... wait til malkin rests up for two days... wings are gonna get their canes broken and dentures knocked out" Those quoted comments from your own posts sound pretty whiney to me. "Considering the "Slash" is like the greatest guitar player ever.... I'd think he would rank higher" *Slash? really? I recommend you listen to some Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen,Jimi Hendrix, Vernon Reid, Zappa(Frank+Dweezil), Alex Skolnik, Tom Morello, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck, Marty Friedman, Tony McAlpine, Rob Cavestany, Dime Bag Darrel, Pepper Keenan, Vivian Campbell, Andreas Kisser, Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, Ty Tabor, Dickey Betts, Ritchie Blackmore, Bo Diddley, B.B, King, Steve Cropper, Dave Navarro, Jimmy Page, Ry Cooder, Chuck Berry, Duane Allman and last and very from least Robert Johnson! Give them a listen I guarantee hours of appreciation and thorough exstacy! I'd like to end on a positive note and tell you I loved your SCF pix.
  13. These writers at freep are idiots...

    I'm guessing that the penalties the Pens got away with were o.k. with you Numba 66 including the couple of high sticks you're team has gotten away with because the refs supposedly "didn't see them". Let's be honest the impact of that high stick was so weak that the only way it drew blood was if the Pen player used the old wrestling maneuver and used something to cut himself and insure blood. None of those calls should have been made in the OT periods including the hooking call against the Pens. Didn't hockey used to a sport for warriors not figure skaters. As a matter of fact I think that their actually is more contact allowed in every other sport on the planet. Buttnugget has turned the NHL into the International Ice Dancing Federation, PLEASE someone peg this ass in the head in Pittsburgh with an Octopi!!!!!
  14. Hockey fans Unite

    Yo Lidstrom5 D-Man your Hail has been noted and greatly appreciated. As Always; GO WINGS!!!
  15. Bounty on Bettman

    To kep the bounty alive on Buttnugget go here and voice your support and recruit as many true hockey fans (yes that includes Pens fans also) to Bounty 2 the sequel, lets see if the Pens fans are as true a hockey fan as they claim to be. Splat the Buttnugget with the Octopi. The new thread to drum up support and hopefully action!