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  1. I love you,
  2. ken just said"hudler from his knees, doing some good work"
  3. I'm 15 and 150lbs and i have a warrior Macdaddy. I don't know what the hell you do to your sticks but mine is holding up just fine. and ive broken high end sticks like the 9k and Stealth.
  4. Ya i think it is, I dont knowmuch about it tho i'm only a youngen
  5. I'm like 10 minutes away in Harrow. I'll give you a couple votes. I was at the arena when they announced you were in the top 10!
  6. ill f*** em up. im only a year older
  7. the person who started this thread is a ******* retard
  8. Gratton and Norstrom
  9. whos winning
  10. does anyone know why meech is playing
  11. huet, since montreal has price now
  12. we need offence alot more than defence and IMO lilja and kronwall have been solid
  13. brind'amour diddn't score