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  1. If we could dig out the "way back machine", does anybody remember Julie H from the freepress forum and her various alter ego here? I think she left when Yzerman retired, but she would have listed him.
  2. I will third Uwe Krupp and raise you an Ulf Samuelsson. Everybody else, I never really had a problem with.
  3. YET. We will have to bring this thread back in 2011.
  4. Chelios
  5. Au contraire mon frere. I believe we were howling after the call against Homlstrom in game 1 which we won. The two thing that have irked me is that I believe they have changed the definition of interference as the playoffs have progressed. I could be wrong but it seems like we have gone back to the 1999 definition. I haven't found any clips to prove my point. But I would really like to see video proof (either way). The second thing that gets me is the amount of credence they give to Pittsburgh's complaints. They asked the refs to look at Holmstrom play which results in an interference call in game 1. They complain about interference and obstruction so the Red Wings are now getting called for it several times a game. They complain about the face offs and now a Red Wing gets thrown out of the face off circle every other play. I remember the finals against the Devils where Bowman complained to the league about interference. He even made a video. And how did the league respond? By calling interference on US.
  6. Yeah, the Penguins don't start playing dirty until the game is a blow out.
  7. The thing that annoys me is that Crosby never plays on the penalty kill so how would he know which plays are ordinary and which are great.
  8. I would like to see McCarty or Downey out on the first shift against Crosby and give him a little tap to the back of the ankle, just as a warning to the Penguins. If you are going to go head hunting, how do you feel about your golden boy having off season surgery?
  9. I'll agree that Ozzie has been dramatic on this playoff run. But I can't remember any skater that has taken a dive. I would like to hear people's honest opinion on this. But I just don't see our guys diving. My philosophy on diving is it should result in a heavy fine. If your an elite player and you can't stay on your skates any better than the kid at Taco Bell, maybe you shouldn't be paid any more than him.
  10. No, I think we got on Lids for not being a vocal captain.
  11. I think it was intentional. And they did it twice to Frazen's head. Same with Ruutu's slash to Sammy's arm.
  12. For me its not the loss. Its the fact that this happens to Homer over and over and over and over again. It was an obviously bad call, and there is a good chance that the same bad call will be made again in this series. I think Holland should be screaming in Betman face with video in hand.
  13. I think it was worse than the Flames McLennan slash that got five games, but it wasn't nearly as bad as Pronger's head hunting on Holmstrom which got a single game. So for the NHL to be consistent, no suspension for game 3 and then he should be suspended for the next seven games. My own opinion is one game because it was a two handed slash at neck level after the game was over. I don't think it was vicious, but I also believe that it would have been a much harder slash had the red wing player not grabbed his arm. Or Downey can dress and take a run at Turco...either way works for me.
  14. Apparently not Quenneville
  15. Yeah, and if the world ends on Thursday, those millenium nuts will have only been twelve years off, and I will look like a complete fool for posting this message. But I am willing to take my chances.