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  1. Take Andersson out of the damn lineup.

    Move Glendening down to 4th line center.

    Move Pulkkinen down to 3rd line right wing.

    Move Jurco up to second line right wing.

    Insert Ferraro on the 4th line right wing.

    Tatar-Larkin-Pulkkinen has been realgud. And Pulks has 4 goals which is tied for team lead. That's good enough for top 6 minutes until Dats is back and the lines get a shake. Andersson for sure needs to go though. We have good PK'ers without having a roster spot with his name on it. I'd put Jurco with Helm and Sheahan and see how they work together.

  2. Larkin - Zetterberg - Abdelkader

    Tatar - Richards - Nyquist

    Jurco - Sheahan - Franzen

    Miller - Glendening - Ferraro


    So, now it is really down to Cleary v. Andersson for your 14th forward...

    2 weeks from now when Franzen takes his annual visit to the LTIR, Pulks will be one-timing Sheahan's passes on that 3rd line.

    I knewwww it had a gut feeling he was gonna make it , kids are finally getting the chances with Blashill as coach

    Now if he starts racking up the points there's no way they could send him down

    Ummm what if he does so good in the top line we gotta keep larkin there ? Datsyuk centers 2nd line with Gus and Tatar?, sheahan goes to wing for this year?unless we make some moves if mule stays healthy he might have to go on the 4th line ... We might have the deepest 4 lines we've had in forever

    Scary team this year and laughable these experts I seen on tv in montreal all took detroit 5th place and beyond in our division

    When datsyuk returns ...

    Zetterberg larkin abdelkader

    Tatar datsyuk nyquist

    Sheahan richards pulkkinen

    Helm/jurco glendening Franzen

    Miller cleary anderssen ...

    When pavel returns and if larkin sticks unless someone good gets hurt we might have to depart with one of helm/jurco/pulkkinen

    I'd package a helm/smith or prospect /high draft pick type deal for a byfuglien if possible or someone similar ... Our d is where we clearly need an upgrade

    Keep Helm, trade Jurco. Keep Smith, trade Ericsson. Could be a good year for Tatar and Nyquist if they get to play with Dats.

  3. Some of the 2016 UFA's: E Staal, Stamkos, Kopitar, O'Reilly, Lucic, Seabrook, Yandle, Byfuglien, Kesler, Backus, Ladd, L. Eriksson, Voracek, Perron, E Johnson, L Schenn, B Sutter, Anisimov, Okposo, and several others. If only half of these guys get resigned it is still a great UFA class. try to get 1-2 Dmen and 1 big time forward.

    I'm guessing Ladd locks up long term with Winnipeg but Buff may be up for grabs. I would push hard next summer for Seabrook

  4. I'm sure a trade is forthcoming, to clear some space. Plus Franzen might end up on the LTIR when the season starts.

    I would love to see someone take Franzen's contract to end that chapter. Maybe Florida or the Yotes.

    Ericsson should be traded asap. Play Kindl and dangle him if he plays good and free up room for Marchenko and XO.

    Jurco will net 11.

  5. Didn't forget him. Just not sure where he fits. He isn't a scorer. His best position is checking C, which is also Glendenings best position for 1/3 the price. In this day and age of salary caps you can't have 3.5 million cap hits as checkers-which helm will be on his next contract summer 2016. he is a GREAT trade piece. franzen cant' be counted on for anything. I doubt he makes it out of october healthy.

    Adding richards is fine, not great. he is just holding that psoition for 1 year untill larkin is ready. Nothing more. I would bet good money that this move is a result of Bashill and Holland chatting about if he is ready and Blashill thinks he needs time. Just a gut feeling.

    You've been talking about trading Helm for years. There's a reason he's still a Wing and that's cause bottom 6 guys like Helm help teams win Stanley Cups.

  6. If possible I wouldn't mind Thornton, Phaneuf and a second pairing defenseman. I'm sure, with Thornton battling on the boards and giving some of our guys some on the money passes and Phaneuf with a more than decent shot out back, that we could generate a bit more grittiness and offense in a playoff series. I still think we need some sort of net crashing/goalie screening goal scorer. Joe has always been a setup guy.

    Thornton + Pulkkinen = twine rips!

    Cheechoo got 54 goals on a line with Thornton. Imagine what a pure shooter could do with Jumbo Joe.

  7. how do most of you feel about our "subtle" interference? I notice that the wings seem to do it A LOT. however I don't scrutinize and watch the other team as closely all the time.

    It's a funny thing that every team in the league does it but we only hear about the Wings doing it. And we usually hear it on NBC.

  8. I thought the rangers fans where ok but seeing the board wow they are whinny ******* I mean I get being upset for your tea but don't open your mouth until you look at the two historys their team has won the cup once in 1994 and we have won it in 1997-98 2002-08 don't get cocky thinking we aren't that good 23 years and counting in the playoffs and always a threat they wish they could have that team they do nothing but choke

    The whiny Rangers fans are clearly feeding off their assclown coach.

  9. I know there's people who think the refs are out to get us and people who think those people should skip that third bowl of crack for breakfast, but when has anyone gotten a suspension for something they've done to one of the Wings' stars? A couple of fines, but I can't think of a suspension off the top of my head. Not to say it hasn't happened, but we do seem to be getting the short end of the justice stick.

    Dude that hit Kronwall got 5 games. That's all I can recall.

  10. I'm not sure losing a real good prospect and 1st round pick is "mortgaging their future". Especially when you consider they just got a premier defenseman who's only 28 years old. Healthy organizations can lose a good prospect and pick once in a while, without noticeably suffering in the long term.

    Look at the ages of some of their key players:

    Brassard, 27

    Miller, 21

    Hagelin, 26

    Kreider, 23

    Hayes, 22

    Zuccarello, 27

    McDonagh, 25

    Stepan, 24

    Staal, 28

    Yandle, 28

    Needless to say, I think they're in good shape.

    Their top 4 D is as good as it gets too with Yandle in the mix.

  11. Snowy day here in Denver. Just stocked up on beer, wine, and food, now to turn the Wings game on.... oh, I have to wait over THREE MORE HOURS. sof03409ujsdif.

    I don't like sharks. Go Wings.

    I went to the store to kill some time. Eatin' a crap load of ribs tomorrow! Woo!

    We've got 5 out of 8 points so far, that's pretty good.

    They recently changed jerseys...



    Sharks have legs now and wear Spanx body suits?

  12. Personally, I'd rather see our bottom six be:



    See if that third line can get a little offense going.

    That 3rd line could actually do some damage. Get Jurco setting up the Holy Clapper all night.

    Who is staying up late for this one?

    I'll be up all night.

  13. Franzen makes just under $4 mil per year. He may have had some lame games this year, but he was also apparently quite ill for 3 weeks of that goal-less streak so who knows what was going on behind the scenes. I will give him credit though, when he was slumping, he was at least showing a bit of fire. He may have been the guy that got "pissed off" before their 4 goal 3rd period outburst a couple weeks ago. Franzen's biggest issue, like many is consistency. Even Z went 10 or so games without a goal this year and then got what? 4 in 5?

    At least the past 3 upsetting seasons are over and the worst thing we have to complain about this year is Franzen's inconsistency and the fact that Kindl is still a Red Wing. I'm gonna say it.....I like this team! :thumbs-up: