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  1. He was in our lineup pretty much the hole loosing streak :S *i dont know if my statement is true so dont crucify me* But yah everyone should love downey, he is the S**T until futher notice..
  2. Cant wait till playoffs so i can see Franzen cross checking his back.. Drake checking our own player into him... Downey Punching his helmet..Kopecky falling before he even gets near pronger. Pronger will be shaking in his skates..
  3. Ritola's in for Downey because of the flu? *go's back to bed*
  4. :| No thoughts on him.. he didn't impress me that much the couple griffins games i've been to.
  5. QFMFT
  6. Snooze fest of a game..
  7. all he needs to do. is develop a mean streak and he's awesome.
  8. because there are not enough goons
  9. Get the 1st round pick.
  10. Earlier this year when meech got barely any playing time, he got in a pushing match and you could read his lips saying ''ill F$&*ing Kill You"
  11. Awesome. I dont gotta look at Perry and his funny face anymore..
  12. All i know is that i wont be happy with watever happens. we'll still have a slouch like Lebda. we'll still be weak physicaly.
  13. Flips been getting hit alot lately.
  14. I say sit kopecky, his play lost the physical edge lately. and downey needs to play more..