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    Exaggerate Your Excitement!

    My wife just found my long-lost Gordie Howe trading card!!! I've been looking for it since we moved, couldn't be a better day to find it (yes, I know, yell at me for "misplacing"it) Mojo recieved, Wings win 9-0! Hatties for Hank and Drapes' chin, Helm, Huddles and Mac for good measure .
  2. Jooks91

    the DON'T FINE AL petition thread

    891 And 892.... eat it butt-man!
  3. Jooks91

    ken daniels ?

    Psh, I triple dog dare you.... I'll vouch for(against) FSN south, nothing but Dallas crap!
  4. Jooks91

    Maltby Is The Man

    Don't be callin' Malts too old just yet... Me and the agitator share the same birthday/year! besides, as long as he's still playin, I can feel good about playin in a beer league somewhere! PS., I'm glad to see that dusty old fart out there on the ice!
  5. I've been waiting all year for my chance at seeing our boys play. Unfortunately I have to travel 1100 miles to use my Ebay tickets. Anyway, is there anybody else going to be at the game? Anybody know what time the pre-game skate is? places to get autographs, somewhere to eat prior to the game or after to hang out afterwards? This is my wife's first pro hockey game, and i hope for a great show and a sea of red to cheer on our boys!!! See ya'll game time Jooks91
  6. Jooks91

    Melrose Western Grades

    It took him everything to not puke when he was giving detroit their "A+++++" Tool, always has been!
  7. Jooks91

    Hasek Challenges, Gaborik goes Airborn

    Didn't our boy Hudler get pasted coming though center ice with his head down about a week ago? Remember 6'4 vs 5'9, hudler gets smoked and that guy let up a tad, it's huddles fault. Gabby gets smoked by a goalie between the circles with his head down and now its Dom's fault? I don't think so, it looks like gabby jumped at the piont of contact anyway. Situational Awareness. Just like the ref's in MMA say, Protect yourslf at all times. Oh, btw. sick moves dom!!
  8. Jooks91

    Red Wing fans

    Stop. I'm getting all misty. Sure, being one of the O6 is a big deal all by itself, but everything associated with the wings, what can be said? The names, the numbers, coaching, front office, the staff, the frickin' skate sharpener, the guys on the ice ... every single one plays/works for the front of that jersey. We cuss and holler that we got knocked out early, what about Borque, who had to sign w/ the divealanche to lift his cup? Or the hundreds of players that never will. our team is ALWAYS in the hunt. Would we be any less vocal if our... knock on wood... team was a perriennial bottomdweller? HELL NO! Of course we're gonna second guess babs every damn line change, but look what we're criticising ... your Detroit Red Wings. ps. I guess we know really know why everybody hates us
  9. Jooks91


    IMO, environment, drive and determination go a long ways in getting yourself/son into a place where you get drafted. Sure name recognition is a factor, but then you're stuck fighting against another somebody else with your last name... Oh, wait. that'll make you better. Competetion is the reason why, isn't it? Being a dad, you'd automatically want your kid to at least try the greatest sport in the world, and if he pucks(picks) it up, fabulous! right? I'd try and give the kid the work ethic to need a rink in the back yard to practice on, I ain't a millionaire, but i'd do what I could if the drive and motivation was there, but then again... wouldn't everybody?
  10. Jooks91

    Jeremy Roenick gets his 500th

    He hasn't dropped his walkin' papers yet? Seriously, 500 is a big deal for anybody in the league, even for the "talking head"! pack it up JR, somebody has a front office job for you.
  11. Jooks91

    Ron Wilson's an Idiot

    Ron Wilson = Tool. Not the band, Just useless w/o someone's hand up his ARSE!
  12. Jooks91

    Post Everytime You Look

    i got my winged wheel sticker today!
  13. Jooks91

    Post Everytime You Look

    So i'm watchin' the sharks game the other day with the wife, cuz we're bored out of our minds.... My woman, i love her to death... says 'Omy God! theres a black man on the ice!!' (shocked) yep i says, that's mike greer, pretty good player, 'believe he's from detroit. 'Omy God! He's skating, and not falling down!' (taking it in stride)Duh, i says, He's a pro, he's pretty good at skating! three days later, she's still amazed there are black men on the ice. (This coming from a woman who never watched a hockey game but twice in her life before this years center ice)
  14. Jooks91

    Bergeron Hurt

    Just heard it on HNIC. concussion and a broke nose... Patrice "lucky" Bergeron get well soon.
  15. Jooks91

    OFFICIAL: Draper signs 3-year $4.75M extension

    Thrilled to hear the news! So quickly a lone buck turns into a 4.75 for what could be the final 3 years of his tour in the NHL. Hard work and heart, not to mention finding the net every once in a while did drapes well.
  16. Jooks91

    Bergeron Hurt

    He didn't get run. It was a chase for the puck, he got low to put the brakes on and got crunched into the lip on the boards. during 2nd intermission Jones had a statement read. "...i'm sorry I hit him like that, that's not my normal style of play, hope all works out for him... blah, blah, blah" that'll definetly leave a mark, tho. looks bad on the re-play, I don't think there was malice in the hit, just an ugly pileup.
  17. Jooks91

    The Drake returns sunday...

    I might have to agree with sitting hudler. I love the little guy on the rink but i think i'm as big as he is. what is he like 5'7? Throwing the body around, not so much. The whole team is more feisty now than it has been in years. With the addition of our newer kids and some of our vet's i think a bit more size wouldn't hurt us, but the production needs to be as much as we can put on the scoreboard. He's not getting the points or assists, is he?
  18. I love our style of play this year. It's like keepaway in their zone, the possession, the speed, quick strikes, dom flopping around, ozzie the commedian! Downey and "The Drake" throwing knuckles when needed, even Huddles with his little man syndrome getting in to the scrum yesterday! We're not as big or as young, or even as heavy... So-frickin' what!!
  19. Jooks91

    Grigorenko re-assigned, opts for Russia

    warm up that crow.. I'll need some mayo and some ketchup. I was really hoping to see him turn the trauma around and use it to be one of our next big things! I hope his career in Russia turns out better in the future.Now we can look for ellis, flip, huddles, kopy. The movie of the week"Return of the Drake and the Mule"
  20. Jooks91

    never seen this in a game,..

    the player caught a elbow in the snout. the commentators were saying " the ref charged him, he left his feet! and he threw an elbow, too" I can see it now, Coach..."Hey Wallin, watch those ref's tonite, the rest of you go out and play a good hardnosed game" ROFLMAO
  21. Jooks91

    What are you listening to? 2?

    rise against in the cd player 36 crazyfists. alaskan angry music in the mp3. yeehaw!
  22. Jooks91

    Post Everytime You Look

    wish we would have stolen gomez before mediation. Poo.
  23. Jooks91


    I don't know about y'all, But last I checked, these boards were opinions, right? I don't plan on changing anybodys opinion on jack-dammit, that's the player being discussed's job. So I'm not really worried that Griggs has a couple crapy games and hasn't been pushing himself for a big shiny trophy quite yet. The car accident has been covered, and so has the blood clot thing (whatever). Our talent scouts with their voodoo have found us as an organization some unholy talent in the last 20 years, and griggs could be a flop, or the next homer, dats or Z. That's where hope comes from, that's what brings us back game after game, the rejoicing when we whupped up on the "nordiques" after drapes got his head broke. When the cup got handed to vladdy in his wheelchair, didn't we holler and jump up and down? Why were we crying when stevie said goodbye? The wings have had so many successful seasons in recent history that we are jaded. The trashers are falling apart defensively, and we're bitchin about who sucks more, lebda or kronner. each would do reasonably well as 1st or 2nd line D for those guys. let it ride, man.
  24. Jooks91

    Chelios Versus Bettman

    What's to stop chelli from destroying the disease known as bettman, and putting our very own Mr. " the Commish" Scotty Bowman in power? Even the Mullet would have nothing to say!
  25. Jooks91


    so all-in-all, adding a scoring winger to a second or third line that needs help, and forcing opposing teams to spread their defensive depth is gonna hurt us how,exactly? we paid 850k for a guy that theoretically could blow the roof off the joe. the down side is " he's not lang and he sucks" Ok so he is outta shape, that's why he's in GR for cryin out loud! bab's himself said great things happen when he's on the puck ... jeez, give him a whole month before we tar and feather him.