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  1. Throwback Jerseys

    Personally I thought ours was one of the best looking throwback jerseys out there. I respect that we only have the two and plan keep that tradition but if we did add a third jersey this would get my vote.
  2. Do we need a tougher guy?

    Not sure I agree. I've been intrigued by Downey's role (aside from the enforcer) and have watched his play when he doesn't have the puck. He is constantly falling down, missing pucks and wasting a great deal of energy. And he did hurt the team last night by failing to clear the puck from the zone which resulted in the goal on Osgood. I'm certainly not saying that he was alone in the failure to move the puck, and the wings have been struggling with getting the puck out their zone lately. But he does seem to be the weakest link on the ice, just watch the next game and you'll see what I'm talking about. At least McCarty made smart controlled plays and put the puck in the net.
  3. St.Paul chosen as new Hockeytown USA

    I'm still surprised to hear that ticket sales are still slow. Seems like every game I try to get more than two seat together at a reasonable price, no luck. Still stings to hear Minnesota wants our moniker, next they will want our USA hockey program too. I would have to agree. I live in Ann Arbor and getting downtown for a wings game can be a pain and parking is nuts. I actually find it easier to go to see the Tigers play since there are more parking lots actually around Comerica Park. I can imagine other arenas around the country have this problem as well but starkness of downtown Detroit leaves you with that get in and get out sense.
  4. Hasek Challenges, Gaborik goes Airborn

    I was glad to see Hasek get his confidence back and challenge Gaborik like that. Seemed like the past couple of games when he gave up easy goals, he was acting hesitant to leave the crease. Nice play in my opinion, this is what makes him the fan favorite to watch.