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  1. Sidney Crosby
  2. The hit also lead to a 1on0 for Sedin but the ref decided to blow the whistle due to the retaliaton.. 0:14
  3. Rooting for King Henrik but I think Heatley & CO might be too much for the rangers tonight.
  4. And one of the goals was on a penalty shot.
  5. That's not Crosby's jersey, it's only his number. The name is so far off..
  6. What killed us last game was penalties. Staying on ice would be a good start.
  7. You can download the game at nhltorrents.co.uk
  8. And what team was he playing for again?
  9. It's actually "Färjestads BollKlubb" which means "Färjestad ball club". What your wrote means "Färjestads away from Karlstad"
  10. Ban sticks imo. Causing way more injuries than fighting
  11. atdhe was never down, they just stopped broadcasting their HD streams so now we can only watch the games in sh*t quality.
  12. An the olympics?