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  1. 12Newf

  2. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    not sure where he fits salary-wise but I've always loved the guy and think cleary-modano-hudler could be dominant.
  3. tailgating game 4

    Hi everyone, does anyone know of any tailgating going on for game 4? im not from detroit so i have no idea where or if this even happens. Thanks in advance.
  4. NHL Potty Mouth Police

    It's been a long time since I've been on here but I came across this article and thought it was pretty great. I especially like the Roger Millions one so if you don't get it youtube the guy and you'll understand. http://blog.dallasstars.com/archives/2010/...otty_mouth.html enjoy!
  5. S.H.M.B.?

    stand here mr broadcaster
  6. i am claiming RUFENACH for my prospect.
  7. Mikael Samuelsson signs with Vancouver

    wow canucks fans for the most part seem pretty excited. i hated this guy for years and thought he was decent this past one but come on, the money theyre giving him and theyre putting him in their top 6. the guy will drive their fans mental in no time.
  8. why are you calling ozzy trash though?
  9. Marian Hossa Discussions

    ive figured it out...alert babcock because this is a revelation. marian hossa isnt scoring because.....wait for it....HE ISNT OVECHKIN AND CANNOT SCORE WITH UNSCREENED WRISTSHOTS FROM THE TOP OF THE CIRCLE ON THE RUSH!!!!!!! i know its a stroke of genius because hossa has tried it roughly 5 times per game without success. hossa, thank you so much for joining the wings to win a cup because watching you be a passenger is a joy to us all. you know what? im going to be excited as hell to see the wings lift the cup on friday but hossa? i dont want to watch that.
  10. Boyd Devereaux

    ease up on boyd, he really came alive in game 82 against the sens this year when he scored wait for it.....a hat trick. my brother is a sens fan and i laughed like you wouldnt believe in his face. but no way he screwed the leafs out of that pick because the isles had it locked up after like 40 games.
  11. Chris Osgood, Possible Conn Smythe? HOF?

    will ozzy make Team Canada? http://www.ctvolympics.ca/hockey/news/news...html?cid=rsstsn okay im trying not to laugh but check out the link
  12. Would you trade a second rounder for?

    okay leaving the OPs name (reggin) spelled backwards out of this...artukyhin is a scumbag. i kind of like the fact that the wings are classy and this guy would immediately ruin their good name. he is constantly kneeing people, fights with a visor and come on a 2nd round pick!? you can sign probably 20 different guys who could do his job at the league minimum every off season. who trades for a one dimensional fighter? i dont even understand it when one gets drafted. i think we could use one somedays but seriously, theyre a dime a dozen. but i have to mention this again, reggin??
  13. just saw this suggestion at A2Y, someone should make a "nightmare on HELM street" one!
  14. Bubble Hockey Pavel

    after the first pavel goal does he say "you will lose"? because if so that would be by far the best line and for those who dont get it see ivan drago.