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  1. Lidsyukerberg

    Transcripts for on ice interviews (Game 4)

    McGuire: Thank you for joining us for the Stanley Cup Finals here on NBC as we watch the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'm down here on the ice with Henrik Zetterberg. So Hank this has been quite a game up to this point. What are some of your thoughts on the play up to now? Zetterberg: Well it's been a great game so far. I think we have done a great job getting... McGuire: That's great. So what do you think about Sidney Crosby? Great Huh? Zetterberg: ..... Second period McGuire: We're here with Mike Babcock, Coach of the *cough*Detroit Red Wings*cough*. Babcock, thank you for joining us, what are some of your thoughts on that hard fought first period? Babcock: I really liked the pace, and think we really showed a lot of.... McGuire: Uh huh. Uh huh. But how about that Sidney Crosby? Something else isn't he? Babcock: ?... McGuire: Thank you Coach Babcock, we return now to the Pittsburgh Penguins live on NBC. I might have paraphrased a little bit, but it was pretty much like that. There were some other interviews, but just replace the names, the interviews were just about the same. At least it sure seamed that way. I'm looking forward to our boys smoking the Penguins so we can ask NBC how they feel about Crosby and the Pitts then.
  2. Lidsyukerberg

    Quote at the top of the page...

    Here's a few for the pile: "The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger, and yet notwithstanding go out to meet it." - Thucydides "Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence." "Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet." Here's a couple for Sid the Kid: "Sometimes you are better off to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt." "Reputation is what people think you are. Character is who you really are. Take care of your character and your reputation will take care of itself." "It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand." - Gen. Ben Childaw "We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training."
  3. Lidsyukerberg

    WCF Game 4 GDT: Stars 3, Red Wings 1

    I think tonights game is going to be a very good game. We want to sweep and move on and Dallas is in full on panic mode. I think Dallas has what it takes to win tonight, but my prediction is the Wings take it, but it's going to be close and hard fought. Tonights game is not going to come easy. If we get the first goal, and do it in the first period I think that will go a long way in taking the wind out of Dallas' sails and give the Wings the boost they need to bring home the win. However, if Dallas scores first it might give them the boost they need to win it. This game is going to be great, I am totally geeked right now. GO WINGS!!!!!
  4. Lidsyukerberg

    Franzen given the green light to work out

    That is definitely excellent news. Hopefully all is well and we will see him on the ice for the finals.
  5. Lidsyukerberg

    Wall Street Journal analyzes Hockeytown woes

    Do they know something we don't? That's a pretty bold statement about a team who has been the best, or close enough to touch the best, for well over a decade now.
  6. Lidsyukerberg

    Proposition to NHL broadcasters

    I think another great stat would be how long in minutes the announcers actually stay on topic and talk about the game we're watching (or even hockey sometimes for that matter). Maybe even talk about what's happening on the ice. That would be a cool stat. This would be a rockin' stat. I would love to see this.
  7. Lidsyukerberg

    A nice little experiment here...

    Not only that, but take a look at the draft for some of our best players: Lidstrom 3th round 53rd pick Zetterberg 7th round 210th pick Datsyuk 6th round 171st pick Franzen 3rd round 97th pick Holmstrom 10th round draft 257th pick Osgood 3rd round 54th pick It goes on. We don't buy up all the talent, we just know how to pick and then develop great players. Every team in the league had ample chance at these guys, they just don't have a front office that knows what they're doing. That's not our fault.
  8. Lidsyukerberg

    Versus OT

    Of little consequence to cable subscribers but a little ray of hope for Direct TV and Dish Network viewers:
  9. Lidsyukerberg

    Southern Hockey Fans

    They shore do likes them sum cars. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaawwww! Shooot, get me out to a roundy round on a hot Summer day and I'm happier'n pole cat in the garbage can out behind the Dew Drop Inn on fridge cleanin' day.
  10. Lidsyukerberg

    Southern Hockey Fans

    Just so you know, that kind of talk on these boards will get you nothing but a fan base. Oh, and flattery will get you everywhere on here, so just bother even trying it.
  11. Lidsyukerberg

    Southern Hockey Fans

    Welcome to the boards, glad to have you. You have our sympathy.
  12. How is Red Wings World these days? I was a member there for a year but found it to be a complete waste. The people on the boards were great, but the site and the people running it were useless. They still owe me a prize for some contest I won. I actually don't, and didn't, care about the prize, just the principle. Don't tell people that you offer prizes, giveaways and incentives for joining, and then never follow up. I felt like all I was paying for was the message board, and although the people were great, I didn't feel that a message board was incentive enough to pay $50 a year. Even the ticket pre-sale hardly ever panned out, I could never even get two seats next to each other. All things considered, if you ask me I think the Wings organization needs to distance themselves from Red Wings World and finally accept Lets Go Wings as the true fan site (not that there aren't great fans at Red Wings World, just that the site itself is garbage and an embarrassment to the Wings organization). The Red Wings World concept was good, but the people that built and are running the site can't hold a candle to Matt. But that's just my feeling on the subject. Having been a resident of both sites, this is where I stay. I plan to donate to the site when I can fit it into my budget.
  13. Lidsyukerberg

    Where the hell does Forsberg get off.....

    I think this is funny. Which is it? You didn't realize you hit him? Or you didn't think you hit him that hard? As for Sammy selling it, of course he sold it a little bit. You have to make sure that the refs see that something happened, and sometimes that takes embellished movements to get their attention. You can't just go up to them with a bloody mouth and say "he hit me." For all the refs know, you're Foppa and fell down and smacked your mouth on the ice on your own.
  14. Lidsyukerberg

    Hat Tricks...what happens to the hats?

    They melt them all down and make one big hat out of them to fit the big head that the hat trick scorer will be sporting due to his, well deserved, over inflated ego for the few days following the good show of skill. Once he blows a play in the next game and is brought back down to normal size, they melt the one big hat down again and make jerseys out of it to be donated to midget pygmy hockey in New Guinea as part of the new marketing plan to spread hockey throughout the world in an effort to make it bigger than football. Or something like that.
  15. Lidsyukerberg

    Where can you get the D redwing cap?

    I liked the hat Franzen was wearing in the post game interview on Saturday. Did anybody see that one? Does anybody know where to find it? That was a nice hat. Just checked Red Wings TV on the Wings site and there is an interview with Franzen (not the one from Saturday) and he is wearing the same hat. It is made of what looks like jersey material, has both the Winged wheel and the Tigers D on it in a circle and it says Champions Challenge around the outside of the circle and then behind the circle is a baseball bat and a hockey stick crossed. Very cool hat. I would love to find that one.