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  1. My roomate will not shut up on the phone, I can barely hear the commentary
  2. There was a pleasant little scramble
  3. And we take the lead
  4. YES!!!
  5. Errr... these penalties = not good. Don't wanted to get behind when we are so obviously dominating. Good save Ozzy! edit: I feel retarded.
  6. Shots on net... Chicago: 3 Detroit: 67
  7. I never have enough time to get on LGW anymore, but nonetheless good evening everyone! Good game so far
  8. Ah, f*** it.
  9. Thats because... it has been.
  10. Goalie war...
  11. Ozzie is on fire tonite, he will win this SO for us.
  12. But I can't help it My anger gives no mercy
  13. The PAINfultowatchTRAIN
  14. He played like s*** this whole game and is reason to that PP, thus the goal. Yes, we can blame this soley on him actually.
  15. Lmao, you, are PISSED!