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  1. Yzerfan1999


  2. Yzerfan1999

    Griffins vs. Marlies @ Comerica

    Hey Guys, I've got 4 tickets (all together) to the Toronto Marlies vs Grand Rapids Griffins game at Comerica Park on December 30, 2013 as part of the Winter Classic Package. I am in Toronto and won't be able to make it down to the Detroit area before the 31st, so I'd like to get rid of these. $38 is the face value on each, but I will take the best offer!
  3. Elliotte Friedman reporting now via twitter that Cleary's deal with the Flyers is now OFF. "Not exactly sure why, but it appears as if there is some complication between Daniel Cleary and PHI. Told he will not be joining the Flyers"
  4. Yzerfan1999

    X Factor Part Deux

    In this context, I think the pollster is asking us to identify a player that needs to have intangible aspects to his game (different or unknown aspects from last season) in order to solidify our defense. I agree that DeKeyser played very well in the short amount of time he was with the Wings. Because of that, I think we know what to expect from him (though I think many of you are thinking DeKeyser will be better than he actually is). I said Smith would be an X-factor because you don't quite know what you'll get - he has shown the ability to play really well, but has often made poor decisions with the puck and with his pinches. If he can cut those down this year and learn from his mistakes last year, he will be the X-factor. That is to say our D is good to average right now, but if Smith *plays like he can*, the overall outlook of our D will be much improved. I also don't think DeKeyser is clearly the better overall defenseman. He may be better defensively, but Smith has more offensive upside. We also only saw DeKeyser play a dozen games. Don't get me wrong, I want him to be better, but I think the statement is a bit premature.
  5. Yzerfan1999

    X Factor Part Deux

    Smith. I expect he will be saddled with a bigger role than Dekeyser, and the Wings ultimate success will depend on whether or not Smith can actually be a #3 defenseman. Kronwall and Ericsson will be similar to what we've come to expect, Kindl should be something like what we saw late in the season and in the playoffs (though I think a case can be made for him being an x-factor too), Quincey will be his typical mediocre self, and I think Lashoff will be used sparingly. Just look at the minutes Smith got last year and imagine what the D would look like if he just performed a bit better.
  6. Yzerfan1999

    NHL Network 1995 Final VS NJ 12-3pm EST Today

    Yuck. 1995. I was 9. I remember thinking it was Detroit's year. One of the most painful hockey memories of my youth. I recall the Wings going down 5-0 in game 3, Vernon getting pulled and my mom telling me I needed to take a bath, so I sat in the tub sobbing for an hour completely heartbroken. Things got better after that, hahah.
  7. Yzerfan1999

    New enemies, whom do you fear the most?

    I think the Wings will kick the living out of Toronto. Their goaltending is weak, and their tough approach (ie gooning it up) only works when the other team wants to fight. The Leafs got too many wins against Ottawa and MTL last season because those teams thought they could stand with them. Had they actually played HOCKEY, they could easily beat the Leafs. I actually think the Leafs would have missed the playoffs if they had played a full season last year. Bolland is a good pick up, Clarkson was the biggest waste ever. I guarantee he doesnt score more than 15 goals. He will crack under the pressure of the Toronto media. Other than the Wings, Boston is the most solid team in the division, but to be honest I think every other team is dreading the arrival of the Wings. Should be fun.
  8. Hahaha - what idiots. I thought the orange piping on the numbers and the shoulder caps looked really good. This is definitely a step backwards. The Oilers and Leafs learned that stripes at the bottom of the jerseys were necessary a couple of years ago - seems like San Jose wasn't paying attention. Brutal.
  9. Yzerfan1999

    Trade Proposal

    The Wings have invested too much in Kindl to trade him for Franson.. That, along with shipping off one of our higher prospects is a drastic overpayment, IMO. Plus, now that DET and TOR are divisional rivals, don't expect any trades between the two teams.
  10. Yzerfan1999

    It's time - to predict 2014 Team Canada

    Hmm... you emphasize the skating part by cutting Nash, yet you have Lucic on the team. Lucic is a big, tough power forward, but he is definitely NOT known for his skating or his speed. I think he'd get into a bit of trouble on the big ice. I still think Nash is a better skater and scorer than Lucic. Ladd is also an interesting choice. Great player, but I don't know if he has earned a spot over some of the other guys. He surely deserves a camp invite, and he may play really well during the first part of the season...so who knows. Hard to quibble though, I like all of these lineups.
  11. Yzerfan1999

    Winter classic tickets

    Heehee, I did the same thing. See you there UK!
  12. Yzerfan1999

    It's time - to predict 2014 Team Canada

    er...I guess. But didn't half of those guys get chased out of the NHL for being lazy? I also didn't see Afinigenov or Zherdov among the invitees. Maybe I am blind... I think any combination of the remaining Canadian options are much better.
  13. Yzerfan1999

    It's time - to predict 2014 Team Canada

    Probably, but Russia's other potential lines don't match up as well, IMO. Other than Malkin there is a pretty big drop off after those guys. Then again, they have home ice advantage. They may all play like superstars.
  14. Yzerfan1999

    It's time - to predict 2014 Team Canada

    The big ice should give the Euro teams an advantage. It will be interesting to see how Canada and the US keep up.
  15. Yzerfan1999

    It's time - to predict 2014 Team Canada

    I have no problem with any of the rosters I am seeing on this thread. Should be an impressive team. Hopefully they perform!