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  1. Mac is Playing on Friday

    I so hope that flip is playing friday thats is going to be my first red wings game ever! how messed up is it that my favorite player is healthy all year and the week before i go to my game, he gets hurt. its a bunch of crap. ill be happy if Mac gets into a good fight. Thank god Cleary is back and i get to see him play!
  2. Filppula

    Filppula is my favorite player on the team. I don't know what led me to choose him, but I think it was because I saw something in him...and he was kinda cute. He was doing really hot at the end of the year, but lately (approx. the last twenty games), he has been backing out because of his lack of confidence. What I want to know is where it went and when it's coming back.
  3. Are you really a wings fan?

    there is something very wrong with me... if i am missing a red wings game, my stomach starts to get upset until i'm at home sitting in my red wings corner watching the game