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  2. We were saying "shane doan sucks." Not too creative, but it gets the point across.
  3. ESPN's Pierre LeBrun is reporting that no surgery will be needed for Holmstrom and he will be out 3-4 weeks.
  4. Stuart to have surgery this morning Per tsn, Stuart will have surgery this morning in Vancouver. No determination will be made on the amount of time he will miss until after the surgery. This is the Dan Cleary incident all over again, except replace Samuelsson slapshot with db Calgary Flame hit.
  5. Only we could have possession for two straight minutes and end up having to pk. BS.
  6. why the quick whistle?? Bryz never had that shot in control.
  7. That's been happening all game with the faceoffs.
  8. BS. that is a penalty shot in any game (except this one).
  9. You're psychic!
  10. Wolski jumped on top of Kronner. KILL THIS Wings.
  11. If the Wings do not win tomorrow night my first few days of my vacation (I'm leaving Wednesday morning) will be completely destroyed. No pressure Wings, but you better win.
  12. GO WINGS! Go Jimmy!
  13. GO WINGS!
  14. ZMAN, that is brilliant!
  15. Pavel you had time to stop and take a picture before you took that shot...we have to put the puck in the net when we have chances like this. ugh.